2. Introduction to Azureus.

Vuze, otherwise known as Azureus 3 is a very popular, safe and trusted BitTorrent client which has now been updated to give users access to a large catalog of High Definition content that can be viewed on a monitor or a connected HDTV. For those familiar torrent clients, Azureus should be straightforward. There is a Downloading area as well as a Seeding area as well as a Library (for downloaded files). The only option that is new is the actual Vuze part of the client, where one can download HD content from the Vuze catalog using the built in search option. We will go over all the options as well as any settings you need to change to make your Azureus run as fast as possible. First off however, we will be accessing the Configuration Wizard so hit View then Advanced then Tools and finally Configuration Wizard.

2.1. Configuration Wizard

When you first reach the Configuration Wizard you will be asked to select your language. I'm assuming most readers of this guide have English as a primary language but pick whatever language you are most comfortable with :)

You will then be asked what your User Proficiency is. I've selected Advanced because I like to have the most options available to me, but we will not be going over each option so Intermediate is your best bet, especially if you are new to the program and torrents in general.

The next option is the Transfer and Connections setup. This option is dependent on your internet connection so lets first check what our speed is. The best place to do this is at so lets head over there. As you can tell my upload speed is high, so I have set the Line setting to the highest possible. Be reminded however that you want to limit your upload to the 80% of your maximum upload speed, for example if your max upload speed is 110 KB/s then you should set your max to be asdl/cable/xxx/768kbps which is the equivalent of 85 KB/s, which is slightly less than 80 percent of your maximum but close enough.

The next setting is the port settings or NAT/Server Port option. Type in any five digit number under 60000 and hit Test. Once you find a port that is open and ready to go, hit Next to move onto to the next screen. Note: If you find that all your ports are blocked I implore you to check which will teach you how to open certain ports specifically for torrent clients.

The final option in the wizard is setting a Save Path for your downloaded torrents. I have set a folder on my Desktop as the path for easy access, but you are free to choose wherever you want as the save folder.

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Introduction & Requirements
  2. 2. Introduction to BitTorrent
  3. 3. Introduction to Azureus
  4. 4. More Options
  5. 5. Downloading using Azureus
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Written by: James Delahunty