3. More settings to tweak

There are, as always, more settings to tweak before we can even get started, so lets head there now. Hit Tools then Options.

The first option we want to change is putting encryptions on the transfers to help get around and traffic shaping. Under the Connection tab select Transport Encryption. Check off Require encrypted transport and make sure its set to RC4. If you don't understand what the difference between Plain and RC4 is (I did not :)) I've quoted the official Azureus wiki page:

1. Plain: This only uses the obfuscation header and transmits the entire payload unencrypted. It's still easy to identify but might be enough to confuse simple traffic shapers
2. RC4: This mode uses strong cryptography to obfuscate the traffic and is only attackable with very sophisticated and expensive attacks but it consumes more CPU time than the Plain method.

The next setting to tweak is under the Transfer tab, so quickly navigate their. Remember during the Configuration Wizard when we did the speed test, well note the number you got for upload speed as we need that now. Under KB/s global max upload speed put 80 percent of your max upload speed that you got on the test. Be reminded that kb/s and KB/s are different so judge accordingly. Under KB/s global max download speed make sure it is set to 0 which is the same as unlimited. The next setting directly underneath, Max upload slots is a completely manual choice but I recommend 5. The final setting for this page is towards the bottom where it says Ignore these ports. Manually type in 6880 and we are done with this page.

The next setting is very quick and is located in the File tab. Change the default save directory for the actual downloaded files in the first option box. For easiness sake I set it to the same directory as the .torrent files are, in a folder on my Desktop.

Ok so I know it must be getting tedious changing all these settings but we are almost done and you only have to do it once :)

Tap on the Interface tab and there are a few things here I have changed. I have unchecked close minimize to system tray as I like having the program actually close when I select close but this is also optional. I have also unchecked allowing Azureus to send anonymous information when searching for updates because, hell, I like privacy. :)

Thats it we are done with all the settings, but make sure to hit Save on the bottom left of the different options column and we can finally move onto the next page where we begin downloading.
Written by: James Delahunty