5. Finishing Up.

We are almost done here but there are a few more things to learn, albeit they are optional.

5.1. Statistics.

If you click View --> Statistics, you get some nice information on your upload and download bandwidth and how stable it has been. As you can see it also shows you your overall downloaded data since you began using Azureus, your uptime and the bandwidth transfers for this session.

5.2. IRC Plugin

You can use an IRC Plug-in with Azureus by clicking View --> Plugin's --> IRC. But before you do that, you have to setup what server you want to connect to and what channel. If you want to connect to AfterDawn IRC (#ad_buddies) then click View --> Configuration and tick the little + besides Plugin's on the list to the left of Azureus. Here you can type in a server you want to join automatically, a channel and a nickname to use. For server, enter and for channel enter #ad_buddies. Now go back out to your Torrents, click View --> Plugin's --> IRC. The IRC window will open and after a minute or so you will be connected to the AfterDawn channel. Don't be afraid to hang in there while downloading and have a chat. You can go back to your Torrents without disrupting IRC easily by clicking My Torrents up beside the IRC tab.

5.3. Using Vuze

I will quickly show you how to use the actual Vuze portion of the client, to download free, legal HD content very quickly.

To get to the Vuze screen hit the On Vuze button in the top left and you will be greeted by the nice new interface of On Vuze. You have a few options here, you can either look through the featured videos, the highest rated, the latest uploaded, or you can use the Search feature in the top right.

When you have found the video you want simply move your mouse over the the preview shot of the video and you will see Download show up. Press it and Azureus will tell you it has been added to your downloads. Simple as that :)

5.4. Other Bit Torrent clients and Info

There are now many Bit Torrent clients. You can download a few of them at AfterDawn and also read some guides here.

Other clients to download:
Original BitTorrent Client
ABC [Yet Another Bittorrent Client]
G3 Torrent

Other Guides to Read:
BitTorrent FAQ
ABC guide
BitTornado Guide
G3 Torrent Guide
BitComet Guide
uTorrent Guide
Other Stuff:
Bit Torrents Forum Thread

6. Finally

And that's all you need to know to start downloading and sharing files with Azureus. This guide will be updated and more features will be added to it soon so keep checking back.

Version History

v2.0 -- 18th February, 2008, Updated to Vuze/Azureus 3, complete revision (DVDBack23)
v1.0 -- 11th October, 2004, First version online (Dela)
Written by: James Delahunty