Guide to using BitComet (BitTorrent Client)

This is a basic guide to using BitComet, a BT client. If you are not familiar with Bit Torrent, do not worry as this guide gives a basic introduction to it. This guide will show you how to setup your BitComet client to download and share files using torrent sites. Some features such as creating torrents with BitComet or using its built in chat system are not covered yet but will be in updates of this guide. BitComet has some advantages over other existing BT clients, such as running up a lot less CPU usage than others and allowing users with NAT problems connect to each other. You are advised to visit the BitComet Homepage to check out other features.


Obviously you need to have BitComet installed.

Download BitComet here

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to BitTorrent.
1.1. Torrent Files.
1.2. Trackers.
1.3. Seeds, Peers and Leechers.
1.4. Torrent Listing Sites.
1.5. The importance of Uploading.
2. Introduction to BitComet.
2.1. Connection Preferences.
2.2. Task Preferences.
3. Downloading with BitComet.
3.1. Summary Properties.
3.2. Files Properties.
3.3. Task Properties.
3.4. Share Ratio.
3.5. Download/Upload Priority.
3.6. Selective File Downloading (Removing files from a torrent that you don't want to download).
4. Other.
4.1. Other Bit Torrent clients and Info
5. Finally

Later editions of this guide will have more features listed.

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Introduction & Requirements
  2. 2. Introduction to BitTorrent
  3. 3. Introduction to BitComet
  4. 4. Downloading with BitComet
  5. 5. Other
Written by: James Delahunty