2. Introduction to BitComet.

BitComet is a BT client written in C++. It has a whole host of features that the original BitTorrent client doesn't have and is very easy on resources and a very fast way to download and share files using torrent sites. Take a loot at the picture accompanying this text. As you can see there are four main area's, the menu bar at the top, the torrent list in the middle, the site links on the left and the properties at the end. Double clicking a link in the left will launch it with your default browser. We will now configure BitComet just a little bit.

2.1. Connection Preferences.

Click the Preferences button in the menu bar or click Options --> Preferences (or CTRL+P). Your connection properties are very important. As you can see in the image with this text, there is No Limit on the Global Max Upload Rate or the Global Max Download Rate. It is recommended that you limit your upload to about 90% of your overall upload speed so you don't clog your connection up and reduce the performance of your download speed. A limit on your download speed is completely up to you. Under Task Schedule are a couple more useful options. Max Simultaneous Download Tasks should be fine set at 10, but if you have a very fast internet connection and plan on downloading a lot, a few more should be OK. You also see the ability to start a new task if the download rate is below a certain limit. This could be downloads on your list that you have set to download later because at the time your downstream was fully used up. Setting a limit here can be useful. Listen Port is very important. Since some ISP's have begun blocking the default BitTorrent ports, you shouldn't use them. Click the Choose Random Port button and BitComet will put any random port number in there to listen on.

2.2. Task Preferences.

Click Task in the preferences window. There's a lot of settings here that you might like to change. It always helps to have a default download path set, so if you have a downloads that you put all your downloads into you can click on the the option in the list and browse for a folder to set as default. As you can see you also have some more max upload rate options. This is per task and is meant for users who will be downloading multiple files. Regardless of what you put in here, your overall upload speed wont reach over your Global Max Upload Speed limit that you set a moment ago in the Connection Preferences. Other options in preferences such as Appearance are up to you, now we will look at downloading with BitComet.

Table of Contents

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  2. 2. Introduction to BitTorrent
  3. 3. Introduction to BitComet
  4. 4. Downloading with BitComet
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Written by: James Delahunty