3. Downloading with BitTornado.

Downloading with BitTornado is the easy part. As I have already mentioned in this guide, there is no internal BT search, it is not like other P2P networks you might have used. To download something from BitTorrent you have to go to torrent listing sites and click on a link to a .torrent file. And that's all. Go back to the Introduction to BitTorrent page and have a look over the listing sites. As soon as you click on a link to a torrent file, BitTornado should run and the download should begin automatically. You can asses the health of your download by the color of the Status Light.

3.1. Status Lights

As you should have already noticed, there are Status Lights while you are downloading. These lights are easy to follow and very essential for the user to know if everything is ok. When a download begins the light will be Gray, then when the torrent is loaded fully will become Black. After it has connected to the tracker, it will become Red as it is not yet connected to any Seeds or Peers. It will then move onto Yellow. This means that you have gotten connections to other Peers using this torrent. Yellow however, might also stay there, this means that your port is being firewalled somehow and this will affect the download of your torrent. If the Yellow light stays, try alternative port ranges or changing your firewall/router settings. The last light you should get when you begin a download is Dark Green, this means everything is going fine. After the download has finished and you begin Seeding, the Light will go Bright Green. As you can see the lights do actually mean something and should be kept monitored as you download files.

3.2. Downloading File Details.

You can view certain details about files you are downloading. I have removed most details on the file I was downloading and the trackers announce URL. As you can see it doesn't offer very many details about your downloading file but it allows you to view the full file list that you will be downloading and change some settings for them that we will see later. To get the Details of a downloading file all you have to do is click Details on the main client page.

3.3. Share Ratio.

Time for just a little word on file ratios. A ratio over 1.000 means that you have uploaded more than you have downloaded and this is a good ratio. I have seen users with ratios over 10.000, that's amazing. Users like that are vital to BitTorrent, they keep torrents alive and fast for a long time. Obviously enough, to improve your ratio on a torrent, keep it uploading even after it is finished downloading. This is something that is expected at minimum from users, so people should really stick to more than the minimum or don't use BitTorrent at all. I understand that some users are afraid of uploading a lot because maybe their ISP will be unhappy about that, or they are afraid there is monitoring going on of people who are uploading. While these seem legit reasons not to upload much, it is not good enough. If a user cannot do the minimum, then that user should not use BitTorrent. It sounds cruel, but its the only way to keep torrents alive. This is P2P, this is not a download free for all. Some sites keep a share ratio of members, over a long time it can be very hard to keep a good ratio, but if you make sure each torrent you download has a ratio of over 1.000 when you finish uploading, then your overall ratio should stay ok.

3.4. Downloading Files Priority.

As you have seen in the Download Details, you can choose which files you want downloaded first and which you want downloaded later. This is not as big a priority system as some other BT clients offer but I guess it helps a little bit anyway. You often get Torrents with a lot of files in them that you are looking forward to using. If you tag them to be downloaded first then BitTornado will make them the highest priority in downloading. It also helps if you set some files to be downloaded later so that it can give more time to the files you want quickly.

3.5. Selective File Downloading

As with some of the other best BT clients, BitTornado allows you to NOT download some of the files that are listed in the torrent. Click details and then you will get a full list of files. Right click on a file that you do not wish to download and click download never. This file will then not be downloaded at all. Some people complain that doing this may be ruining some Torrents because some files may end up incomplete in the last few users try to share with each other before the torrent dies. It's a very useful feature and I'd highly doubt it is any threat to the torrent as most people would prefer to download all files anyway.

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Written by: James Delahunty
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