4. Other

We've covered all the basic things you need to know to begin downloading files using BitTornado. The only other thing left to be mentioned is the Advanced settings.

4.1. Advanced Details

BitTornado has some advanced info too but nothing major. The advanced stuff is just seeing the IP Addresses of the users you are currently sharing with and details on how much they have sent you and how much of the file they have complete. I don't really believe in this practice of seeing how much of a file users have but it has some uses. As you can see you can change your max download rate here also, which can be useful if you like to use a lot of things online at once and BitTorrent has a habit of stealing away your bandwidth.

4.2. Other Bit Torrent clients and Info

There are now many Bit Torrent clients. You can download a few of them at AfterDawn and also read some guides here.

Other clients to download:
Original BitTorrent Client
ABC [Yet Another Bittorrent Client]
G3 Torrent

Other Guides to Read:
BitTorrent FAQ
Azureus Guide
ABC guide
G3 Torrent Guide
BitComet Guide

Other Stuff:
Bit Torrents Forum Thread

5. Finally

Well that's all the details you need to know to use BitTornado to download and share files. This guide may be updated from time to time.

Version History

v1.0 -- 11th October, 2004, First version online (Dela)
Written by: James Delahunty
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