High 32-40x speed media delivers unacceptable quality!

A German website has done extensive testing with latest high speed 32-40x certified media. The conclusion is that current high speed media delivers unacceptable error rates. The tests have been done with latest Lite-On and Plextor drives.

The content and test results of this article are copyright Translation and summarizing was kindly provided by CiTay

Verbatim CD-R 700 MB 32x:

Error rates skyrocket after the first half of the disc at 32x. Lowering the speed to 20x or 16x doesn't help much. Especially prone to this are the Plextor and Benq 40x drives. Lite-On 40x works a bit better with this disc. Average BLER is 26.43 errors/second. High. Good CD-Rs like the Teac 24 have 0.77 errors/sec here. Maximum was a surprising 196 errors/sec: immensely high! The hardware CD-R tester asserted both E22 and E32 (uncorrectable) errors - very bad! Atip (Absolute Time in Pregroove): 97m 34s 22f

Verbatim CD-R 700 MB 40x:

These Mitsubishi Chemicals CD-Rs are supposed to be for high recording speeds. Then Benq-burner, however, accepts only 32x speed, and with high error rates. Plextor and Lite-On 40x burners managed to burn with 40x, but with exorbitant error rates (the Lite-On was a bit better). Average BLER is 59.91 errors/sec, this is too high for reliable data archiving. Maximum BLER is 433.17 errors/second: Way, way above spec... it's not funny anymore! The hardware analyzer detected E22-Errors, at least there were no E32-errors. Still, quality rating can only be 'very poor'. Atip (Absolute Time in Pregroove): 97m 34s 23f

Philips CD-R 80 40x:

It seems that Philips doesn't test their media. In the Benq 40x burner, the error rates were always above spec, same with the Plextor 40x. Data loss is likely. The Lite-On managed to do analyzable runs at 40x and 32x. BLER is 143 errors/sec average, 363.67 errors/sec maximum: A more than poor performance! To make things worse, the analyzer drive detected E22 and E32-errors. This CD-R is basically garbage. Atip (Absolute Time in Pregroove): 97m 15s 17f

Fujifilm CD-R 1-40x:

A CD-R with varying results. The 40x-max Benq burner decided to use 16x speed maximum, but with acceptable error rates. The Lite-On 40x burner wanted to use 32x, and this was a good decision, error rates are bearable. Only the Plextor goes all out and uses full 40x-speed for this CD-R: Bad move. Although the average BLER of 9.92 errors/sec is still okay, the maximum BLER of 103.17 errors/sec is out of question! Furthermore, there were E22 and E32-errors with the Plextor at 40x. Conclusion: This CD-R is unusable at 40x, the speed with the Plextor should be lowered manually by any means. Atip (Absolute Time in Pregroove): 97m 26s 45f

Imation CD-R 32x 700 MB

Instable: This CMC Magnetics CD-R doesn't deliver. With the Plextor, Benq and Lite-On 40x-max burners, error rates are more than critical at 32x speed. The Lite-On burner managed to achieve half-decent results at 24x speed. The analyzer measured an average block error rate (BLER) of 30.02 errors per second, quite much. But the maximum BLER of 171.17 errors/sec is dangerous for data integrity. Furthermore, there were E22 and E32 errors. Conclusion: Don't use this CD-R for important data. Atip (Absolute Time in Pregroove): 97m 26s 66f

Teac CD-R 700 MB 24x

Results of a good CD-R, to enable a comparison:

This CD-R has an average BLER of only 0.77 errors/second and a maximum BLER of 14.83 errors/second. No E22 or E32 errors could be detected by our analyzer drive. Recommendable. ATIP (Absolute Time in Pregroove): 97m 27s 56
Written by: Lasse Penttinen