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Using Windows Connect Now with Xbox 360

This page will look at using a USB Memory Stick and Windows to transfer WiFi settings to the Xbox 360 console in the hope that it can connect to the network.

Windows Control Panel

Go to Windows Control Panel from the Start Menu (using Classic View, not Category, like above). Look for the Wireless Network Setup Wizard application in Control Panel (selected in picture) or its equivalent in Windows Vista. Insert your USB memory stick into a free USB port on your computer (and note the drive letter -> it will show up as Removable Storage in My Computer). Run the Wireless Network Setup Wizard now.

Wireless Network Setup Wizard 1

The first screen just explained how the wizard is setup to transfer the security data between devices without having to write it down or transfer the data another way. This also makes the process faster for devices that support it. Click Next.

Wireless Network Setup Wizard 2

Select the option to "Add new computers or devices" to the network. Click Next.

Wireless Network Setup Wizard 3

Select the option to use a USB flash drive, click Next.

Wireless Network Setup Wizard 4

Go to My Computer and check the drive letter of your USB memory stick. In my case is is G:. Enter this information now in the "Flash drive:" field in the setup wizard. Click Next once you have done this. The information will now be copied and once you click Next again you will be asked to remove the USB Memory Stick. You can do this now and close the Wireless Network Setup Wizard. Fire up your Xbox 360 with the WiFi Add-on attached to the back of the console and plugged in.

Xbox 360 Dashboard --> My Xbox

Under the My Xbox menu on the Xbox 360 dashboard, navigate across to System Settings and press A. (Sorry if you have not yet upgraded your Dashboard, if you haven't, maybe this link will help).

Xbox 360 Dashboard --> System Settings

Under System Settings (as shown above), use the controller to scroll down to Network Settings and press A again.

Xbox 360 Dashboard --> Network Settings

Under Network Settings you can run some connection tests which can come in useful in diagnosing some problems you run into with Xbox Live and Media Sharing features. But the first, and default option, is the one we need. Select Configure Network and press A.

Xbox 360 Dashboard --> Network Configuration

In all likelihood, your picture of the Configure Network options will be much different to mine (seen above) as my Xbox 360 is remembering my Network settings. Under Basic Settings, highlight the first block of information (Wireless Mode) as shown above, and press A.

Xbox 360 Dashboard --> Wireless Settings

Here is where you have two options. The first will run a scan for your network (which you should know based on the SSID) and then give you a chance to input the wireless security information yourself, as shown on Page 1. The second option is shown on this page, using Windows Connect Now to make the task almost entirely automatic. Click Windows Connect Now.

Xbox 360 Dashboard - Windows Connect Now

You will now get a message from the Xbox 360 Dashboard about using Windows Connect Now. While this screen is displayed, the console is waiting for you to insert the USB Memory Stick. Insert it into one of the front USB ports (where you plug in wired controllers) and assuming everything went right with the Wireless Network Setup Wizard, you should automatically get a message.

Xbox 360 Dashboard - Windows Connect Now 2

The Xbox 360 will detect the new settings on the USB Memory Stick and will give you the option to Apply these to your console's network settings. Select OK and press A and in a few seconds the console will apply the settings. This really should get you connected to the same network as your computer is connected to. If it fails, you should consult to find out more details, but hopefully this will have worked out for you as planned.


We really hope that this information has been useful to you and that you will now get your value from the cost of the WiFi Add-on for the Xbox 360 console. If you need further assistance, please visit our Discussion Forums and ask for help there.

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Written by: James Delahunty

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