How to update your PlayStation 3 firmware using a flash drive

In this guide we will teach you how to update the firmware of your PlayStation 3 console using a flashdrive. This is very useful if you cannot get Wi-Fi on your console or cannot get a wired connection. Firmware upgrades are very important and will help with stability of the system as well as upgrade playback options and add other features.


For this guide there are a few requirements, all of which you should own or you would not be looking here.

PlayStation 3 console- Any model works, as all models have Memory Card readers and USB ports.

A working SIXAXIS or DualShock3 controller.

A PC with Internet access.

The latest PS3 firmware update. You can find the latest firmware here: Sony PlayStation 3 firmware update.

A storage media device, either a USB flash drive or a Memory Stick, SD Memory Card, or CompactFlash card. On that storage media, you will need at least 150MB of free space.

Getting the firmware update

First off, download the firmware update to your Desktop or any place else that is easily accessible and make sure the full image downloads.

From there, plug in your flash drive or insert your memory card. Open the drive in Windows Explorer and create a new folder in the drive named PS3 (all capitals). Open the new PS3 folder and inside create a new folder called UPDATE (all capitals again). Move the downloaded firmware file into the UPDATE folder.

The file name will always be called PS3UPDAT.PUP. In summary, place the PS3UPDAT.PUP file in the UPDATE folder which is inside the PS3 folder on your storage media.

Updating the firmware on your PS3

Turn on your PlayStation 3 console and insert the storage media.

From the XrossMediaBar, head over to Settings and finally to System Update. Press X on your controller to move to the next step.

Select Update via Storage Media and the system will search the drive for the PUP file.

Follow the on screen instructions to begin the update. When the update is done, your PS3 will reboot and when you come back, confirm you have the firmware update. Head to Settings, then System Settings and finally System Information. If the number showing matches the update you downloaded at the beginning of the guide, then the update was successful :)

Finishing Up

If you have any questions or comments please post them in our PlayStation 3 Discussion Forum.

For more information on the actual console, please view here: PlayStation 3 at the Afterdawn Hardware section

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Written by: Andre Yoskowitz