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Play on Wii

On this page we will go through the steps of getting TVersity content to play on the Nintendo Wii console. We need to do only a little bit of discovery first to find out the IP Address of your computer on your wireless network. You also will need the Internet Channel installed on the Wii console for this to work properly (if you don't know how to do this, check the link below).

Get your IP Address

To get your IP address, like shown above, please do the following steps.
  • Click Start.
  • Click Run (Windows XP) or move to the next step in Vista.
  • In the Run box type CMD and hit Enter. In Vista use the small Search Box in the Start Menu to type CMD, then select the Command Prompt that will automatically appear above and run it.
  • At the prompt, type ipconfig /all
  • Skim through the results for your Wireless Connection and find IP Address.
  • If your IP Address starts with something other than 192.168 then you may have configured your router to act as an Access Point, this will be a problem and you will need to change this. Refer to your manual.
  • Note down your IP Address and move on.

Keep a note of your IP Address as you will need it in a moment. Fire up your Wii console and let it sit at the main menu.

Open Internet Browser

Turn on the Wii and from the Menu use the Internet Browser. Point the controller towards Start and press A. If you have not yet gotten the Internet Channel on your Wii console, then check this link to find out how.

Start Page

When the Web Browser loads, you will get to a Start Page. On this Start Page you must select Web Address.

Enter Address

The tool to enter Web Addresses is actually a lot more efficient than it looks, although pointing the Wii controller steadily could be a problem for somebody with shaky hands. Nevertheless, when you type with it the Wii will attempt to guess words. If you click these words then, it will automatically paste them into the address bar above.

Enter TVersity URL

In order to use TVersity you have to enter a URL to the server. Earlier in this page I told you to find your IP address on your network and take a note of it. The basic layout of the URL you must now enter is this.


So replace ipaddresshere with the IP address of the computer running TVersity. So in my case it will be..

Do this and then click OK.

TVersity Media Server

If all went well you will now see the TVersity Media Server page open up. It should look like the picture above. use the Wiimote to point to Video and press A.

TVersity - Video

It will now display more options to find the video content that you have shared from the TVersity Media Server. Our video is sourced from the Internet, so obviously we will want to load it from there. Point the Wiimote to Internet and press A.

TVersity - Internet Video

On the Internet Video options, simply point to All Internet Video or Video URLs and press A.

TVersity - Playing Internet Video

You will now see a list of all the web video that you have added along with a brief sample on the left hand side of the screen (although it doesn't work correctly on Wii currently). To play a video, simply point at the name of the video and press A and let TVersity do the rest. Hopefully this will solve any fullscreen issues you have been having with Wii, and will support more Internet video feeds for you as the program is updated.

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Written by: James Delahunty
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How to watch YouTube & Internet Video on Wii (Fullscreen) Viewing Page 3 -- Go To