The Installer

Installation and configuration of Haali Media Splitter are essentially done in a single step. This means in order to change the main options you'll actually need to uninsall and reinstall the software. As this only takes a couple of minutes it's rarely an inconvenience.

1. Legacy Splitters

Depending on what software is installed on your computer, you may have an older Matroska splitter (called Gabest's Matroska Filter) installed. If you use Media Player Classic to play multimedia files it also has its own internal splitter for MKV files. You should disable both of these so the Haali splitter will be used instead.

2. Container Support

By default Haali Media Splitter will be configured as the default filter for opening MP4, MKV, OGG, and MPEG-2 TS (transport stream) files. AVI and MPEG-2 PS (program stream) aren't selected since they're natively supported by Windows. If you prefer you can select both of those formats as well, forcing Haali to be used to open files traditionally handled by Windows.

3. Shell Extension

Haali's shell extension allows thumbnails to be generated for video in containers its responsible for opening. If you uncheck this option, any file that Windows uses Haali Media Splitter to open won't have a thumbnail in Windows Explorer showing you the file's contents.

Changing Installation Options

The only way to change the options set during installation is to uninstall and re-install to get the configuration dialog. Although it's a small program, and can be installed and uninstalled quickly, be aware that there may be a system reboot required, so you should make sure you're not using any other programs during the uninstall process in particular.

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