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Jailbreaking the iPod firmware

If you had already jailbroken your iPod Touch prior to installing the v2 software you may have simply gone to a webpage and clicked on a link. WinPwn doesn't work that way. Instead it uses the update you downloaded from Apple to create a new restore file to load using iTunes. Even if you had iTunes install the v2 update, the downloaded file will still be located on your hard drive as long as you're using the same computer you upgraded your iPod with.

Load Apple Firmware

When you start WinPwn you'll be greeted with a simple window that has buttons on the left side and status messages on the right. Start by clicking the Browse ipsw button. IPSW is the file extension for iPod Software, and your update file should have this in its name.

Finding iPod Updates

Navigate to the folder where the iPod Touch v2 software update is located to open it. By default that will be in your Documents and Settings folder under Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPod Software Updates.

Start IPSW Builder

WinPwn will examine the software update you supply. Make sure it tells you the software is for an iPod and click the IPSW Builder button. This is how we'll be creating a new IPSW file from Apple's original. It's a good idea to make sure you have any other programs closed since this process will involve reading the entire Apple update file into memory before creating the new one.

Make Sure to Install Cydia

You'll see several tabs in the IPSW builder. On the Applications tab make sure Cydia is checked. This is the program you'll be using to load applications after the jailbreak is complete. It's similar to the old Installer program, which is also being updated for the v2 iPod software.

Custom Boot and Restore Images

You can also select your own custom images that will appear when you start your iPod normally or in Restore mode. The image at the beginning of the guide is one I used for my own iPod. If you wish to use it you can right-click on it and select either Save Image as (Firefox) or Save Picture as (Internet Explorer) to save it to your computer.

Downloading Images

If you'd like to use the Afterdawn image shown above you can download it from the first page of this guide. You can also use the Search Online button to get a list of images which can be automatically downloaded by WinPwn if you select them.

Build IPSW file

Now you can click the Build .ipsw button and select an output directory. Then sit back and wait for WinPwn to create a new Restore file. Once WinPwn is done writing the IPSW file you'll see a popup window.

The final step with WinPwn is to modify the new Restore file. Simply click the iPwner button and browse to the flie you just created.

Once the process is done you'll get another popup window telling you about it.

Continued On Page 3

Next we'll put the iPod into Recovery Mode and use our new Restore file to jailbreak it.

Page 3 - Restoring from the Pwned firmware

Jailbreak an iPod Touch with v2 SoftwareYou are viewing Page 2 of 4 -- Go to page 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

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  2. 2. Jailbreaking the iPod firmware
  3. 3. Restoring from the Pwned firmware
  4. 4. Restoring your iPod's backup
Written by: Rich Fiscus