Splitting MPEG-1/2 videos with DV-Tool

At times you find that the MPEG video file you have is just too big to be practically burned as a VideoCD or Super VideoCD. It might be that the video just won't fit on one CD, or you might want to split it in smaller parts for easier navigation.

Splitting the video in smaller parts is rather trivial, when you have the right tools. We're going to use the excellent DV-Tool, which, among other features, has an "MPEG aware" cut & merge tool.

Getting started

Download DV-Tool from the link above, unzip it to a folder of your liking and run it. Then choose the File Processor 2.31 tab, and check the Split file radio button.

Open the file to be split

Click the Input file(s) .. and locate the file you want to split.

Adjust the size

Using the arrows above the length field adjust the size of the parts. The video will be split into equal parts of the size specified. Make sure you have checked the SVCD button above.

You can see how the file will be split in the blue diagram.

Choose the output file mask

Click the Output file: (or mask) .. and choose the path to save the file. The question mark ? will be replaced by a running number. So you want the path to be something like:

All set to go

Just click Start and wait for the magic to happen!

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Written by: Jari Ketola