Preparing Assets For AfterDawn Blu-ray Authoring Tutorials -

Preparing Assets For AfterDawn Blu-ray Authoring Tutorials

If you are trying to learn Blu-ray authoring using one (or some) of our tutorials on the subject you are almost certain to find yourself in need of one or more files for use as Blu-ray assets. It may be something as substantial as a feature length movie or as minor as a subtitle file. Whatever it is, the one thing you can bet on is that the download links and directions for acquiring and preparing Blu-ray assets for our authoring guides will be found here.

Using This Guide

Although this guide is specifically designed as a companion for our Blu-ray authoring tutorials, that doesn't mean you need to, or even should, wait until you need an asset to prepare it. In fact it's not a bad idea to think of these individual projects as a good reason to learn and practice the techniques in our Blu-ray Encoding Guide.

Each title used in our guides is given its own page which includes a brief background of what it is, who created it, and how it is licensed. Following that will be detailed information about how to download the video, audio, and (when applicable) subtitles. These downloads will require some processing in order to prepare them for use as Blu-ray assets and you will also find a basic overview of what you need to do as well as links to lessons in our Blu-ray Encoding Tutorial which will explain the process in significant detail. Even if you have never encoded any video or audio before this should cover everything you need to know.

Source file download links

The single most important features on each page of this guide are the tables detailing the various source files. There will be a separate table for the video, audio, and (if applicable) subtitle files. In addition to detailed information about the files (usually either video or audio) available for download, there are links to websites which host the content and also direct download links so you can download the files without leaving our website.

download links table -

In addition to links for downloading content from other sites, the page for each video title will eventually offer some additional resources in the form of menu backgrounds. These backgrounds - simple image files really - will be available as an alternative to creating menu backgrounds of your own.

Lesson By Lesson Asset Preparation

Of course you aren't required to prepare all these sources ahead of time. All the lessons and individual guides which make use of these assets will also provide you with a list of specific assets required. Instead of preparing all your assets in advance you can simply prepare each one only when you reach a step where it is required. Along with these lists you will find links to the pages (in this guide) where the instructions are located.

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Sita Sings The Blues
  3. 3. Elephant's Dream
  4. 4. Big Buck Bunny
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