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Rip CDs With Exact Audio Copy

Although at its heart EAC is basically a CD ripper, due to the impressive assortment of tools it includes you can use it for much more than that. Once your CDs are ripped it can also be used to control a wide array of other software, giving you a large number of output options.

In this guide we'll take a look at some of the options available in EAC and when to use them to get the output files you want.

Required Software

Exact Audio Copy (EAC)

Exact Audio Copy, more commonly known as just EAC, is a free tool for archiving and format shifting audio CDs. It uses advanced techniques like multi-reading and AccurateRip to ensure you get the most accurate copy of your CD possible. It can also be used to encode music into such popular formats as MP3, FLAC, and AAC. For help getting EAC installed and the initial configuration done see our guide titled Exact Audio Copy Installation and Configuration.

Optional Software


LAME is one of the best, if not the absolute best MP3 encoder available. Since it's a command line tool most people prefer to use a third party GUI like EAC to run it.

Nero Digital AAC Encoder

Nero's free AAC audio encoder is capable of producing high quality MPEG-4 or MPEG-2 AAC files either by itself, or more commonly through a third party GUI like EAC.

Once you have EAC installed, as well as any third party encoder you need continue to the next page.

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Written by: Rich Fiscus