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Ripping To CD Images

Even though you may be used to thinking of CDs as a chain of audio files, it would be more accurate to think of CD Audio tracks as simply segments of one long file. EAC is capable not only of looking at a CD this way, but also creating a single WAV file containing that single file. At the same time it creates a CUE file which amounts to a roadmap of where each song starts and ends, in addition to containing extra information about each individual song.

When you insert your CD into your CD-ROM drive EAC will automatically look it up online (if you've set it up properly anyway). It will query a freedb server and fill in the details for the CD and each track separately.

From the Action menu select either Copy Image & Create Cue Sheet or Test & Copy Image & Create Cue Sheet. Then select Uncompressed

You'll be prompted for a location and name for the image.


UPC and ISRC codes may be stored on your original audio CDs and can be extracted with some (but far from all) drives. UPC codes are unique to the disc, while ISRC identifies a particular song.


If you've opted to have EAC test the tracks before ripping them to your hard drive it will do that now.


The entire CD will be copied to a single WAV file on your hard drive. At the end of the process a CUE (text) file will be written to provide instructions for writing the file to a blank CD.

Status Report

Once the ripping operation is complete you'll get a detailed report about how it went. If there are tracks from the CD that EAC had problems with you might get a report of possible errors.

CRC Comparison

A CRC, or Cyclic Redundancy Check, is performed when a test or copy operation is performed. This generates a code that should be the same every time. If you use the option to Test & Copy Image & Create Cue Sheet option you can see both of them here to compare.

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Next up we'll consider how to get tracks ripped to separate files, either from an original CD or an image made previously with EAC.

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Rip CDs With Exact Audio CopyYou are viewing Page 2 of 5 -- Go to page 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5

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