Interview with Simon Moon (Christian Riesen)

This is an interview with ShareReactor owner Christian Riesen, or Simon Moon as he is better known. ShareReactor was shut down by Swiss Authorities earlier this year on suspicion of copyright infringement and trademark infringements. Investigations are still going at this time of writing. This interview was done in a PM on IRC, therefore it was more of a chat than a questionnaire. There are certain area's where I am asking new questions instead of discussing a previous one more, and you will be able to tell these by the "Q" in front of my nick. All my writing is italic to make the interview a little bit more easy to read.


There are four main area's on the Interview, Questions about ShareReactor, Questions about current legal situations surrounding P2P, Questions about the ShareReactor investigations and just some extra Questions for Simon Moon. I will make the interview a little more reader friendly when I can, but I do suggest that you read the entire Interview and not just select parts of it.

1. Questions about ShareReactor
2. Questions about current legal situations surrounding P2P
3. Questions about ShareReactor Investigations
4. General Questions for Simon Moon
Written by: James Delahunty