General Questions for Simon Moon

Q. Dela: If it's possible, will ShareReactor be back? If possible, would you open it again and would you do anything different this time?

Simon Moon: Yes, it would be open again, for sure. What would change and if i would own it in the long run is something to be seen, but i wouldn't just send it to the trash can.

Q. Dela: We mentioned legal music downloading before, in my opinion its a disgrace, DRM protected files that work with limited players, are full of limitations and aren't the pristine quality that was promised, also 99c a track, (that labels get more than 60% of) would you ever buy a legal music download for 99c? if not, why?

Simon Moon: i would pay for the latest song that is a hit and i really like; tops 50c. I would buy older songs, like the past two years or so, for 20c a song. All older songs 10c or something like that and only if its without DRM limits and in TOP quality and i would be willing to download legal movies, games (for pc and console) and software too, if i can pay for it decently, without credit card for example.

Q. Dela: Sounds fair and this will be my last question. The Question I *really* have to ask. Since ShareReactor is so well known, there is always the possibility that somebody would be willing to buy it. Is there a price you would be willing to sell at or has that possibility even crossed your mind?

Simon Moon: I would sell it in a blink of an eye for 16 million euros.

Dela: Why 16 million?

Simon Moon: That's how much money i would need to create my other project i have been following even before SR ever came up but nobody would offer me that much, so no other project and no selling ShareReactor.

Dela: Never say never, I guess you would prefer to keep your other project a secret?

Simon Moon: It's a project about games. It's not a real secret, but there's not much to be said about it, without investors. As long as i have no financing for our business plan, it will stay just a good idea with a dedicated team that cant start.

Dela: Ok, Simon, thanks a lot for this interview.

Simon Moon: You are most welcome.
Written by: James Delahunty