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Stream Content to Nintendo Wii

In this page we will look at how to play the content from your TVersity library on the Wii console through your home network. Remember, if you have the Wii set up on your wireless network but haven't yet obtained the Internet Channel;, you can read instructions to do so on Appendix A: Get the Wii Internet Channel. Make sure your TVersity Media Server is running and that you have shared media as shown on the previous page.

Before we start streaming content to the Wii console, there is one vital detail we need; your computer's IP address on your network. Assuming you have a proper Wifi network setup (with a proper wireless router, a wireless access point won't do here) then this step should be very easy.

Get your IP Address

To get your IP address, like shown above, please do the following steps.
  • Click Start.
  • Click Run (Windows XP) or move to the next step in Vista.
  • In the Run box type CMD and hit Enter. In Vista use the small Search Box in the Start Menu to type CMD, then select the Command Prompt that will automatically appear above and run it.
  • At the prompt, type ipconfig /all
  • Skim through the results for your Wireless Connection and find IP Address.
  • If your IP Address starts with something other than 192.168 then you may have configured your router to act as an Access Point, this will be a problem and you will need to change this. Refer to your manual.
  • Note down your IP Address and move on.

Keep a note of your IP Address as you will need it in a moment. Fire up your Wii console and let it sit at the main menu.

Wii Menu

After you have fired up the Wii Main Menu, as shown above, you need to launch the Internet Channel. This does not come by default with the Wii console and it is not free anymore (at least not legitimately free). If you do not have this browser, then you need to buy it from the Wii Shopping Channel. It only costs a few dollars and it adds so much functionality to the Wii console that it is a pity to be put off by such a small price tag. If you need instructions on how to get this browser, then check Appendix A: Get the Wii Internet Channel.

When you are ready, select the Internet Channel.

Start the Internet Channel

When you select the Internet channel, you will see that it is Opera Powered, which means it is pretty reliable and much more useful than would have been previously expected of the Wii console. Use the Wiimote to press the Start button.

Wii Browser Start Page

The next thing we will see is the Wii Browser Start Page. From here we can access Favorites and perform Searchers, or we can manually enter Web Addresses. In order to connect to the TVersity server we need to enter a specific web address that includes your local IP address and the Port Number that TVersity is running on (41952 is default).

Wii Browser - Enter Web Address

Use the Wii mote to point at keys (or use the buttons if pointing is too taxing for URLs) and select them.One thing I would like to note about this interface is that it has an extremely helpful dictionary working that will make suggestions based on your entries. So if going to, you can select the words after and dawn instead of typing them all out manually.

Wii Browser - TVersity Server Details

Here is where you need your IP Address so I hope that you kept note of it. The basic layout of the URL you must now enter is this.


So replace ipaddresshere with the IP address of the computer running TVersity. So in my case it will be..

Do this and then click OK.

Wii Browser - TVersity Media Server

If all went well, you should now see the TVersity Media Server library. The first thing you will see if all went well is the TVersity server asking you to choose between Audio, Photos and Video. You will have to point at whichever you want and press A (the highlighting bar doesn't actually work at all).

Let's select Video for example.

Wii Browser - Video

You will now have three options under Video; My Video, Internet Video and Featured. Select My Video to have access to the files on your computer, which is running the TVersity server.

Wii Browser - My Video

In My Video you again, have ways to narrow down your search for your video (TVersity is built as a full Media Server, intended to be used with hundreds or thousands of media files simultaneously). The easiest way to find your content is to organize and share it in folders.

Point to folders and press A. When it loads, locate the folder that contains a video you would like to test out.

Wii Browser - Browse by Folder

Locate a video to try in any of the folders you have shared, point the controller at the video title and press A.

Wii Browser - Load Video

TVersity needs to transcode the video on your computer and then stream it at the same time, so it will take a number of seconds usually for the video to begin streaming. If you encounter problems here, unfortunately it is often to do with your network equipment or the available speed and resources of your computer.

Wii Browser - Playback Options

If you move the pointer toward the bottom of the video while it is playing, you will get a progress bar allowing you to navigate (doesn't work well!). Same if you move it to the top, you will be able to move back to the TVersity server etc.


Hopefully after reading this guide you managed to get some video content to play on your Nintendo Wii console through the TVersity Media Server. If you encounter problems, please visit our Discussion Forums and ask for help there.

What next?

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Stream multimedia to Nintendo Wii with TVersityViewing Page 4 -- Go To
Written by: James Delahunty