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Play TVAnts video on Xbox 360

Now we will go through the steps of getting the TVAnts content to play on the Xbox 360 console. Remember, you should now have TVAnts running with the desired channel playing, VLC running after the stream has been setup and TVersity running also. Now switch on your Xbox 360 console and make sure it is on the same network (wired or wireless) as the computer running TVAnts, VLC and TVersity.

Xbox 360 Dashboard --> Video Library

After you turn on your Xbox 360 console, navigate to the Video Library option under My Xbox (using NXP, if you are still using the old blade Dashboard, then go to the Media blade and select Video). When you have done that (as shown above), press A.

Xbox 360 Dashboard --> Select Source

Under Video Library you will see the options of sources to play video from. If everything is working correctly, then TVersity should already be listed. If TVersity is not listed then something is wrong in the connection between the PC and the Xbox. To try to figure this one out, select the "Computer" option and run the tests that are offered.

When you get TVersity as an option as shown above, select it and press A.

Xbox 360 Dashboard - TVersity Server

TVersity will now begin feeding information on files and folders to the Xbox 360 console. Select the Internet option and press A.

Xbox 360 Dashboard --> TVersity Internet Streams

The Xbox 360 will now display all Internet-based content that is currently shared by TVersity. Look at the picture above, it has two options. The first is a YouTube video (just out of interest) and the second, is my TV Antz Feed, just as I labeled it in TVersity. Select it and press A, and then when the option comes up, press Play.

Playing TV Ants content on Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 will attempt to open the content, and then begin buffering it until it displays. The quality is based on the original quality and the transcoding in between from VLC and TVersity. If you should get an error trying to play, then simply press B to go back and try to play the feed again. Usually (especially with TV Ants) it takes a few attempts before you start seeing the channel playing on the Xbox 360.


This guide set out to help you setup TV Ants, VLC and TVersity to stream TV video from the Internet to your Xbox 360 console. If you have any additional problems, please visit our Discussion Forums and ask for help.

Written by: James Delahunty

Stream TVAnts video to Xbox 360 Viewing Page 4 -- Go To