Start the Process

All that is left to start the conversion process is to click the Encode button.

The Encoding Process

The Interface will change again as the encoding begins. As you can see the progress bar starts moving at the end of the application and also a small bar will become active beside the video you are currently encoding in the Track List.

The program doesn't give any estimated time remaining, but in my experience it encodes pretty fast. It depends on the amount of files in the list and the length of the files, and of course, whatever settings you have picked.

When it is done, it is time to transfer the video to the Memory Stick.

Transfer video to PSP

Connect the PSP to your computer using a USB cable, and wait for the computer to recognize it (should hear a sound, autoplay might suggest some things you can do, and a removable disk should appear in My Computer). Now click Tools --> PSP Video Manager, and the PSP Manager should load.

Where you last saved your video files should automatically appear on the left, but if it doesn't, click the Browse button and locate the folder. Now you can simply select the video you want to transfer to your PSP, and click Copy->.

A few moments later the video will appear on the right also. It is now on your PSP. Exist USB Mode on your PSP by pressing circle and go check to see if your video was transferred properly. Make sure to watch it all now to see if there are any sound sync issues.


Hopefully now you will make use of this information and frequently encode video for your PSP. If you have any problems, refer to our Discussion Forums. We have a specific forum for PSP discussion here. If you find any problems, mistakes or have any feedback on this guide, send me a Private Message (you need to have an account to send a PM). My nickname is Dela. I hope this guide helped you, hope you stick around :-)

Version History

12th February 2006, First Version Online (Dela) V1.0

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Introduction & Requirements
  2. 2. Adding files and changing settings
  3. 3. Encoding Process & Transfer to PSP
Written by: James Delahunty