Joining mpeg files in Womble MPEG-VCR v3.14

This guide describes how to join MPEG videos that have been cut into smaller segments. The guide assumes that there are two segments, and the segments do not overlap. If there are more segments, some of the files might need trimming. You can also use Womble to trim the credits from an MPEG file, which might help you fit several SVCD movies on a single DVD-R.

Tools and Requirements

You will need the following:

  • Womble MPEG-VCR v3.14. (A free trial is available for download.)
  • Enough hard drive space to hold the combined size of your segments.
Note: Your mpeg files will have to have the same video and audio specs, i.e. framerate, resolution, audio codec. (We will assume that the mpeg files came from the same source for the purposes of this guide.)

Step 1: Open your mpeg segments

Select File > Open from the menu at the top of the window, or hit Ctrl + o to open your mpeg segments. Repeat to open the second segment.

Step 2: Seek the beginning of the last segment

For now, we will work with the last segment of the movie. After confirming that you have focused on the last segment, scroll the viewer to the very beginning of the file.

Step 3: Seek the first usuable frame of the last segment

Click the >| button (forward one frame) until you reach the very first frame with absolutely no visible errors (by errors I mean unusual blockiness to some degree.) It could be the second frame, it could be the fifth, and if you're lucky, there just may be no errors at all. (Note: you may also want to go a little further into the movie to be sure there's no more bad frames lurking around; it might save you some aggravation later.)

Step 4: Trimming the bad frames

Even if you determined that you had no bad frames, I still recommend performing this step to mark the definite beginning of the segment. Upon reaching your desired frame, click the ^_ button (the mouseover text is MarkIn.) Then click the pair of scissors with the little pink trail to the left side, that is the trim left button. You will then see that your new first frame is the one you decided upon earlier.

Step 5: Marking the insertion point

Note: This step, in particular, is very important, so pay close attention.

Make sure you are still on your new beginning frame of the last segment, and the counter reads all zeroes. Now click the ^ button (mouseover text is Insert Marker.) This signifies the insertion point as the beginning of the file. If you leave this step out, the first segment of the file we will insert later will be inserted in the middle, which will leave you with an extremely disjointed movie your family will hate you for.

Step 6: Trim the end of the first segment

Now we will work with the first segment. This step is remarkably similar and in fact the reverse of some of the previous, so I'll be brief. Scroll the viewer to the very end of this file. Click the |< button (reverse one frame) until you reach a frame with no visible errors. Upon reaching your desired frame, click the _^ button (the mouseover text is mark-out.) Then click the pair of scissors with the little pink trail to the right side, that is the trim right button.

Step 7: Copy the newly trimmed segment to the clipboard

Click the button that looks like 2 tiny sheets of paper. That is the copy button, and conveniently enough, the mouseover text is Copy. You will see your segment in the Video Clipboard viewer on the left now as a thumbnail of the frame you were working with.

Step 8: Merge the two segments

Now focus back on the last segment. Using your mouse, drag the little thumbnail from the Video Clipboard onto the video (yes, the part of the window where the video is shown.) When the configuration window pops up, just hit ok. Assuming you followed Step 5 correctly, the first segment will be added to the very beginning of the last segment.

Step 9: Save your newly joined mpeg

You've done it! You've joined the two parts of that mpeg without any sync errors for once. But wait! Don't close out just yet - you've yet to save the new mpeg! Click the button that has a little cylinder on it, and choose a name and location for the new, complete mpeg! If by chance you get a hang during saving, see below.

*****Possible Errors*****

If the program hangs/crashes while saving, you've most likely got a bad frame somewhere in the middle of the file where the two were joined. Try trimming more off the beginning of the last segment and end of the first segment. The same goes for sync errors - though I've never had one I could attribute to this program, I suppose it's possible.

Further Information

If you have encountered a problem that is not covered within the scope of this guide, please don't hesisitate to search or post in open forum at the Afterdawn forums.

Version history:

1.0 - Initial version by Mattrage (2004-04-18)

Written by: Matt Rage