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First major manufacturer to ship portable MP3-CD player

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 22 Aug 2000 17:41

Philips eXpanium is shipping currently. This is the first portable CD player that supports CD-ROMs full of MP3s as well. And it's very good news because (at least some of us) users are totally tired of having these stupid 64MB portable MP3 players.
Why to limit yourself to 64MB which barely can hold a one CD in good quality -- MP3s are overall here because you can stuck a HUGE bunch of them into small amount of storage space. But when the devices have even smaller amount of that storage available, the circle hasn't been broken..

Now when Philips brings this CD player in the markets, it also fixes one bad issue in the markets currently -- there actually _ARE_ bunch of portable MP3/CD players available, but the quality of this bargain brands is something that leaves a LOT of open questions..

Anyway, check out their website -- device is priced around $200.

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