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WinAMP3 alpha 3.00ZX released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 02 Feb 2001 5:26

Ok, I know we're going to get _lots_ of these alpha/beta/gamma/etc versions before the very "final" 3.0 WinAMP.
But anyway, here it is, the latest alpha version of WinAMP 3, new features (compared to alpha 2) include:

- uses WAY less cpu when playing files.
- packaged with latest SuperPimp.
- volume is now saved.
- optimized visual animations (sound analyzer, etc...)
- "Report bugs" option in system menu
- gamma component! (warning: does not actually tweak gamma)
- LOTS of bugfixes

And you can get it from as usual, use this link:

WinAMP 3 alpha 3.00ZX

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