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RioPort aims to solve problem of music portability and commercial services

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 03 Jan 2002 14:15

RioPort, a service provider spun off from S3, will release its new product range on next week that would allow commercial content services such as MusicNet and Pressplay to set rules how users can transfer music they've downloaded from the services to their portable music players.
Currently one of the major problems with both major record label-backed music subscription services is the fact that files users download from the service can't be transferred to portable music players. This has been done because once you allow users to transfer the music, you take the risk that the files can be transferred to unauthorized third party.

Now RioPort claims that its new service alongside with a code libraries for portable device manufacturers will solve this problem, making music transfers secure and reliable to portable devices as well.

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