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Old Morpheus still works -- for some

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 15 Mar 2002 2:37

Interesting twist in Morpheus' saga was discovered by The Register's readers and reported earlier today.
If you had your old FastTrack-based Morpheus installed on your computer, but didn't try to log in during the "blackout period" in end of February/beginning of March, your client might actually still be able to connect to the FastTrack P2P network.

It seems that, according to many analysts and just basic common (ok, programmers', but anyway) sense, Sharman Networks (who is nowadays the ultimate owner of KaZaA and FastTrack technology) used some backdoor programmed within FastTrack's client library that all of the FastTrack-based clients (that is: Morpheus, KaZaA and Grokster) use. Basically the backdoor allows FastTrack to change individual users' Windows registry settings.

So, Sharman, or possibly some hacker -- no one really knows yet, simply put a piece of recognition code on FastTrack's login servers that checked if the client is Morpheus and if it is, it modified individual users' registry settings leaving their clients blocked out of the network. Apparently this recognition code has been removed from servers after Morpheus released their Gnutella-based client version, so if you didn't login with your old FastTrack-Morpheus during the blackout, your client should be able to connect the FastTrack network normally.

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