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Vorbis news: Official 1.0 announcement delayed, last minute changes, wins a low bitrate codec test!

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 16 Jul 2002 3:07 User comments (2)

Even though the 1.0 source code has been frozen for few days, we are still waiting for the official Vorbis 1.0 announcement that was expected to be published on last Sunday. There has been some last minute tunings to the codec, but the main reason for delays is that the specifications of the format are still worked on. So basically they are just finalizing and want to publish a complete package. Expect the announcement any minute (I hope…).
In the mean time Vorbis has participated in an audio compressor test performed by the trustworthy and it turned out to be a winner. Open-source was the word for top codecs as Vorbis and LAME MP3 Encoder collected the biggest praises above Fraunhofer MP3 encoder, MP3 Pro and WMA. (German only)
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While waiting for the offcial 1.0 release, you can already get OGG Vorbis compiles from the 1.0 source code from RareWares. Available is a commandline encoder and OGGDropXP (recommended for beginners).


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2 user comments

116.7.2002 16:12

"Alta Vista Translate" - My goodness, such a *tasty* little utility ! I wonder why I haven't seen this one before? Thank you! Have bookmarked the translate page for future use. (In this case, German--> English). Nice added touch: Each additional link stemming from the original (translated) page is *also* translated before being displayed. Awesome little utility! Danke freundlich, meine finnischen Freunde! (dieser Text, der freundlich durch Alta Vista ubersetzt wird, ubersetzen). -- Actually, I couldn't find an English-to-Finnish translation so had to do it in German -- (Half the time I don't know what I'm saying, even in English). <gg> Wow! Now I can cuss and swear at *everyone* no matter where they live !!! =) Oh yes, now what was the subject at hand here? Oh yeah, ogg vorbis...... (ummmmm).... What's a 'vorbis? ;-) -- K.A. --

216.7.2002 16:17

Yikes - I just ran the german translation back into kind of reads like it was typed-out by someone who had too much to drink ! :) - K.A. -

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