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Tages protection can be copied?

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 11 Aug 2002 10:21

The CD Freaks forum has interesting information about the Tages copy protection scheme.
It seems that the CDs are manufactured in such a way that sectors on the CD are numbered the same, but contain different information. You can imagine that if you have a row of boxes, and you are looking in them one by one, and you start at number one, go to number two etc. you will once get to a box numbered e.g 20. In this box you will find e.g a X. but if you start at number hundered and go to nintynine, ninetyeight etc., and there is another box with 20 on it at e.g the place of 80 and in this box is e.g an Y you have checked two boxes with the same name, but with different content. This is how it should work and the thread also states a possible solution.

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