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Kazaa, BearShare, Morpheus and LimeWire are stealing from websites

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 30 Sep 2002 5:41 User comments (31)

My respect to virtually any P2P networks has just hit the rock bottom, after I found out that major P2P tools, including Morpheus, Kazaa, BearShare and LimeWire are stealing money from thousands of websites around the world, including ours. They have secretly bundled a new type of software to their tools, in addition to their existing privacy-violating spyware tools, that can be only described as stealware.
How this piece of evil works? Whenever you decide to purchase something from the Net, the stealware that is installed on your computer -- and it is running even when your P2P software is not running! -- kicks in and checks if the store you're buying from, has an affiliate system that the P2P software vendor is using. If so, software simply replaces the existing affiliate cookie on your browser with its own cookie. This means that if you want to support and purchase books, software, etc using the links or other similiar links on our site, the small commission money actually goes to Kazaa, Morpheus, BearShare or LimeWire instead of our site. Same applies to all sites in the world -- charities, who try to raise money by affiliate programs, etc.

Because of this, we have decided to remove Morpheus and BearShare from our site and recommend our users to use alternative P2P tools, such as DC++, Direct Connect or WinMX.

Here are the simple instructions also how to remove the stealware pieces -- removing them might alter your P2P software so that it doesn't work after you've removed the stealware. But then again, supporting software vendors who go as low as this, is something that we all should avoid.

Remove the stealware called BUYERSPORT:

-Click the Start button.
-Click on Find.
-Click on Find Files or Folders.
-Type in mbho.dll. Click on find now. When the file appears in the directory window, drag mbho.dll into the trash or hit Delete.

Remove the stealware called LIMESHOP (comes with LimeWire):

-Click the Start button.
-Click on Settings.
-Click Control Panel.
-Double-click Add/Remove Programs.
-Click LimeShop.
-Click Add/Remove.

Remove the stealware called SAVENOW (comes with Kazaa):

-Click on Start.
-Click Settings.
-Click on Control Panel.
-Double-click on Add/Remove Programs.
-Click SaveNow.
-Click on Add/Remove.

...and to verify that all spyware/crapware has been completely removed, we strongly suggest that you install a software called Ad-Aware to your computer and run it every now and then. You can download Ad-Aware, which is free, from

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31 user comments

130.9.2002 6:51

I can't find Savenow on my add/remove programs. If you try to remove spyware/addware from kazaa, it wont run but I have 2 solutions. 1. Get Kazaalite like most people 2. Read the following on how to use ad-aware and a cd_clint.dll patch to make sure kazaa still runs spyware less. This page also shows you how to stop kazaa's birate limit which was put in place so they could make more money off their adware as you have a lower download speed

230.9.2002 14:15

thank you for letting me know. i will uninstall kazaa etc. many thanks, spud.

330.9.2002 20:43

I'm glad someone is on their toes !!! I did a global hard-disc search for 'mbho.dll', but thankfully, couldn't find it. I downloaded Grokster from this site a while ago, and it is the p-2-p which I use. Do you think this damned stealware applies to Grokster? Many thanks for the head's-up. These people need to have their asses hauled off to court in a class-action suit. -- Klingy --

430.9.2002 21:22

Where do i get the "cd_clint.dll" patch?

51.10.2002 3:16

I'd recommend changing to WinMX if you're looking for music or Kazaa_Lite ( for most other stuff. Kazaa_Lite is the same as Kazaa with the exception that all the spyware has been hacked out of it. It's roughly 1.5MB instead of 4.5MB. I ran Ad-Aware on a PC that originally had Kazaa on it. It found 250 results. A few spies could only be removed using a DOS boot disk!

61.10.2002 6:58

This new money stealer is just plain sick. Also Dela, to remove Savenow go to Start>Run>Type msconfig in the run box>Click the Startup tab>Uncheck the checkbox next to Savenow (in the list)>Click OK That should remove Savenow.

71.10.2002 7:31

I use edonkey to download a lot of stuff. It has a lot of servers bases out of europe and some in the States also. The great thing about edonkey is you usually get what you think you are getting. None of this childish renameing files to something they are not. I am not sure on the spyware. I dont think it has any. I also plan on downloading Kazaalite. I tried DC and HATE it!!! It is so hard to find what you are looking for if you can even get in a sever....Most of them want you to have 10-15 gigs shared. I have upped my shared limit over what some of them want and it still says I dont have enought. If you can figure edonkey out and read the info on the site about how to get the most out of it will be hard pressed to find anything better for finding what you want. The only bad thing I guess I can find with edonkey is the speed can be kinda low from time to time.

81.10.2002 7:33

oh yeah the page to edonkey (as if most you dont know already) is

91.10.2002 7:43

Direct Connect is the best of em all. You just have to get used to the fact that the more you share the more files open to you. You can get movies and stuff there that other p2p networks dream about. I have forgotten that address for the cd_clint.dll (I dunno how I typed that message without it!!!). I'll find it again of coarse. There is another site on the net where you can search for it and will find it but if you are offended by excessive porn content then forget it!!

101.10.2002 9:09

God damn! This is taking it too far. Spyware and adware is already bad enough, but this... Some sites are run freely because of the income from this kind of stuff. I couldnīt find any of the mentioned files/apps, another good thing about KazaaLite. Isnīt it also directly illegal? Itīs right-out stealing. BTW dRD, where did you get the info? You didnīt mention a source. Itīs not that I donīt trust AD, just craving for some more info. Dela: Or use a pop-up eliminator, Opera has this feature in the settings-menu. Donīt worry dRD, I donīt block your adds.

111.10.2002 10:10

In the Finnish language version of this site, dRD gives New York Times as the source, but does not specify a URL. (Leaving the source out from the English translation must have been an oversight on his part.) Anyway, NYT is not the only source on this, as this has in fact been confirmed already a couple of months back by other sources. This is an issue that deserves a lot more publicity, questionable practices like that must be stopped.

121.10.2002 11:02

Ah, sorry.. Oversight from my part, the source was New York Times and direct URL in Finnish site wasn't provided, since their registration page seemed to time out when accessing to the page directly. Anyway, it's from last week's Friday, if you go to the site, log in and browse archives.

131.10.2002 11:06

is there any p2p that dont have all the porn crap on them?

141.10.2002 12:08

Thanx! I already use WinMX and eDonkey, i just like being "DESTRUCTIVE", when it comes to "spyware", "adware",and F'N, "stealware!" But I must agree, the verdict is still out on "Direct Connect". I'm still in the tinkering mode, can't seem to "con-nect". Guess the worlds not ready for "High Speed Dial-Up!?

151.10.2002 17:07

Hi, I want to publish a frontal campaing against Kazaa and other harmful p2p software. Where I can get more and precise information.

161.10.2002 23:12

BeerPeer: If you can read/understand the Finnish language, I truly envy you!!! Dag Nab It! Not that it will likely be very helpful to me, as I can't understand a dang word of Fin, but anyway, what's the url for the Finnish site? (I can only grovel at the posts found therein, but I'd like to check 'em out anyway). Many thanks, -- Mike --

172.10.2002 8:40 The news article:

193.10.2002 1:02

Ouuuuu! This can be tricky! Seems that after penning a short message to one of the Finnish forums (I know not which one), my "cookie" got corrupted and/or changed! ("That'll LEARN me"). Gee, I hope *this* message 'takes'. (Yeah, Ghostdog, it a 'happening' place over there!) -- Mike --

209.10.2002 2:12

Taking this one step further, stealware is parasitic in a way that destroys itself and the businesses it feeds off of. 1) becuase revenues fall affilaite based sites can't survive 2) if they dissapear who will stealware steal from? Stealware completely distroys affiliate marketing as a valid online revenue model. The implications of this from a business perspective are huge.

Spyware Watch (UK)

211.11.2002 3:24

You are all full of it! Think about this: when you download some software, chances are you're using it illegally, i.e. without a license. If that's not stealing then I don't know what is! I admit I download stuff that isn't mine, but then again I'm not complaining if the people who provide such facilities make a little bit out of it too. Who cares? After all, I've downloaded THOUSANDS of pounds worth of stuff all for FREE!

2223.4.2003 11:14

i have "limeshop" which causes my browser to have the most annoying window on the left. with advertisements and their own search results. it is driving me bananas , to the point i dont even use search engines anymore.
i go to LIMESHOP under add/remove programs and when i try to remove it, it says ERROR can not find path specified. if anyone can help me, please email me at *edit by Jannejt.. another 3-4 years old post. =)* THANK U!!!

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2324.4.2003 21:48

nickrock, try Ad-Aware 6, its the best product to remove spywares and advertisements. Try it and buy it from

248.6.2003 23:57

i fixed the problem .. i basically deleted everything and got some program i forgot what it was but if anyone has the problem i can find it. just email me. i now use kazaalite, its so great, no spyware,
*edit by Jannejt.. why do you guys even report these old offensive posts? i think spambots got those emails years ago =)*
nick morano ny ny

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257.1.2004 12:00

Why donīt you sue them? eMule is the way to go. Its open source an uses the donkey network.

267.8.2006 20:56

I'm waving the bullshit flag on afterdawn. I checked for these programs in my add remove list and never found them listed. also did scan's and searches nothing came up

278.8.2006 0:10

FlakMNKEY: Hopefully you understand that you're reading an article from year 2002 (it states it clearly below the article title..), things change in four years -- bad publicity has forced the companies who conducted **it like this to behave.

288.8.2006 4:40

I'm waving the bullshit flag on afterdawn.
Now you be nice, FlakMNKEY, or I might be tempted to wave 'bye-bye' to you. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since 2002. Where in heaven's name have you been? @dRD:
Hopefully you understand that you're reading an article from year 2002 ...
(Hmmmmm.....) Didn't a little birdie mention to me recently, something about .... "200 days past the date of the last post within the thread" OK, let's see..... [..... last post in thread was by newbie 'Morgwen' on January 7, 2004, so that's like.....[counting on fingers & toes] ... ummmm....] Oh Wow! Now that's what I call "200 days! <ggg>

298.8.2006 4:44

Klingy: Ah, the 200-day limit doesn't apply to news comments :-)

3011.11.2007 7:21

"Get Pro for a single payment of only Ģ21.95". LOL
What they don't tell you, if you do not update:
Limewire will hack your computer and cut you downloads to 4 hosts;
They will keep flashing the folowing message in red and black altinating:
" A newer version is available, update? ". ..Underlined.

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3125.11.2007 16:23

Oh My Gosh! ....

I just gotta give credit to AfterDawn - this is awesome - whether 'News Reports' or regular forum posts, receiving email notices from past posts (5 Year's ago) is simply outstanding!

(From this, I assume that A/D intends on hangin' around for awhile?) <ggg> ;-)

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