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KiSS is the first to deliver OGG Vorbis support in a DVD player.

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 16 Dec 2002 1:12 User comments (2)

According to this German source, the KiSS Technologies are the first to provide support for OGG Vorbis in a stand-alone home player. OGG Vorbis is an audio file format that is similar to MP3, but is totally free of patents or license fees. OGG also delivers possibly the best audio quality for low bitrates (<128kbps) in current audio formats.
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Of the MUSE kissed starting from Wednesday, 18 December, is to play the Kiss DP-450 also Ogg Vorbis Audiotitel - as first Hardwareplayer at all. Almost already secondary matter: With the updating the DVD player outputs also Pal pictures progressively. Advantage Denmark is called it, if it concerns the DVD player with the most supported video and audio formats. The Kiss DP-450 (500 euro, test in video 2/2003) (www.kiss already in front away from the start with the support of the MPEG-4-basierten DivX 4 and 5 as well as Apple Quicktime 6 the nose had video codecs. Now the Danes put after: Starting from that 18. 12. 2002 are to be able to play the Kiss owing to new firmware (version 2.53) also audio data in the datareduced Vorbis format ( - as the first hardware playing device for this standard at all. Vorbis gemausert itself in shortest time for the favourite of audiophiler computer users: Differently than AAC, MP3, MP3pro or WMA the Vorbis Audiokompression is according to specification of its honorary developers license and patent-free - everyone may use her as desired. Since Ogg Vorbis besides with low as with high bit rates sounds clearly better than most contention modes, many music fan their own music collections even change over from MP3 to Ogg Vorbis.

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2 user comments

116.12.2002 19:57

Sent mail about a month ago to KiSS to request for Ogg and now it's there, wow =)

216.12.2002 20:52

And I bet you´re not the only one.

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