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Finnish day nurseries to pay royalties for nursery rhymes?

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 16 Jan 2003 11:53 User comments (5)

It seems that Finnish equivalents of American RIAA, Teosto, which represents songwriters and publishers, and Gramex, which represents music producers and artists, want to force Finnish day nurseries to pay royalties every time nursery staff sings along with kids.
Currently most of the Finnish cities have an existing deal with Gramex to use pre-recorded music in government-owned day nurseries. But now it seems that also Teosto wants to have its slice. According to Teosto's rep, every "musical performance" that uses copyrighted songs -- including sing-along by staff with the kids -- should be liable of paying royalties to Teosto. Also Gramex wants to force the private (those not owned by government) day nurseries to pay for the records they use in nurseries.

In last year both organizations demanded Finnish government to abolish the system that allows churches to use religious hymns without royalties, even if the songs would normally require royalties to be paid (the copyrights cease 70 years after the original composer's death).

Source: Iltalehti (requires registration, Finnish only)

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5 user comments

116.1.2003 13:26


217.1.2003 9:33

Its bad enought that taxi-drivers have to pay for music they play from the radio when driving a customer, and churches having to pay for music they perform, but this is going way to far. Anyone who actually beleives that all this is about protecting the rights of songwtriters and other artists, please raise your hand - so that it can be cut off.

317.1.2003 9:37

This is so stupid! Money hunger fuc...s!!

417.1.2003 14:12

Usual crap,they can't/won't sell u some of the stuff u wanna buy and then make it illegal to get it elsewhere,u won't let me play,well, I wan't my ball back then.But how to fight these ???,well we start by being active on sites like this,and it's just after crimbo so money's tight,but I will be donating,but sites like this are gonna be made illegal in 2004. ps im a taxi driver in the uk,sue me wan???? Yo bin frosted

520.11.2006 17:26

hmmm... here it is almost 2007 and I THINK that this site is still legal.... isn't it? LOL

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