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Corporate files are shared on the Direct Connect?

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 21 Jan 2003 12:30

The Finnish IT website Digitoday has published an interesting interview of two Direct Connect hub OPs. Here are some of the highlights translated. Nickname 'Gadget' is an OP of the Finnish FinX hub and 'General' maintains several Swedish hubs.
General bashes the Finnish for being careless and indeed people are if what he says is true. Gadget tries to bring out the good things that come out of Direct Connect communities.


On my hubs there are hard drives of 12 Finnish companies currently shared for public. You Finns are plaqued with some kind of general stupidity: The number shared Finnish corporate files are much higher in comparison to other countries.

Best example are the AutoCAD designs of a company that are shared on a hub, which must be quite valuable. Why on earth do you share your online banking files or you medical record files?

I repeat you are stupid folk and you do not know the meaning of data security.


All internet communications channels can be used for piracy. For example e-mail, FTP or instant messaging can be used to transfer copyrighted material just as easily as with Direct Connect.

Always when people gather to communicate, they form communities that are more productive than the individual separately. This is also the case in Direct Connect communities.

The strength of Direct Connect in comparison to other P2P solutions is the powerful chat platform. There are a lot of experts and students online with enormous know-how. One could say that DC hubs are a free 24/7 computer tech support. Various issues are discussed and usually questions are answered quickly.

Digitoday (in Finnish)

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