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Nero Audio Plugins: MusePack , OGG Vorbis, AAC, LAME MP3, ASF, Monkey's Audio, FLAC (Updated)

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 16 Mar 2003 21:15 User comments (40)

Nero Audio Plugins: MusePack , OGG Vorbis, AAC, LAME MP3, ASF, Monkey's Audio, FLAC (Updated) Nickname ‘Mausau’ has done some great work for Nero, making happen something that every audiphile (MusePack user) and open-source fan (OGG Vorbis) has been waiting for. On his project page there are compiled audio plug-ins for the popular Nero Burning ROM software.
Currently his plug-ins include:

-OGG Vorbis
-MP3 (LAME 3.93.1)
-APE (Monkey’s Audio)

Also on the page, there are Direct Show filters for OGG Vorbis and AAC.

The & decided to sponsor the developement of these plugins by providing the author with quality hosting.

You can now get the Nero Audio Plugins from

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40 user comments

113.3.2003 2:22

Huhm....the link doesn´t work for me, even though the news is from today. Ogg Vorbis support for Nero, wonderful. Now maybe I could switch to Ogg aswell.

213.3.2003 2:42

Check your connection. Works here quite fine. (OGG) Vorbis (remember, OGG is just a container, Vorbis is the audio codec) needs some serious high bitrate / -fidelity tuning before I find it interesting. Currently LAME --alt-preset's are still the way to go.

The old school is back. All hail the new !

313.3.2003 3:28

I went on the page and displayed fine. After downloading two codecs (OGG and LAME), got the following error, when I tried the third link and returned to the page: The web site you are trying to access has exceeded its allocated data transfer. Visit our help area for more information. If you're interested in host a site, then I'd recommend to stay clear of Geocities! There are a lot of people complaining about their pages being blocked because of bandwidth limitations recently set by Geocities. LAME 3.93 seems to have annoying high-pitched glitches at bitrates up to 160kbps. I compared it with FGH MP3 encoder at 128kbps and even OGG down to 64kbps (OGG -q0) and these didn't have unusual 'worn tape' type artefacts that I got with Lame 3.93. Maybe LAME 3.94 should fix this.

415.3.2003 2:28

The news is updated. No more bandwith problems as we are now hosting the plugins.

The old school is back. All hail the new !

515.3.2003 11:43

I would love MPP, MP+ or MPC even musepack support.

BiAtcH 5.0

615.3.2003 23:07

ASF plugin added. Also screeshots of all plugins are now available.

The old school is back. All hail the new !

716.3.2003 19:53

Hi, What are these audio plugins for, i know this is dumb but is it a usefull thing to have casue the only thing ive ever heard of in that list is MP3. sorry for this dumb question. Hux


The Future Is Now, The Past is Gone....

817.3.2003 8:37

hux, these plugins are for different compression (encoding) schemes for audio files. Currently there is: AAC - Advanced Audio Coding APE - Monkey Audio MPC - Known also as MP+ (decoding only) MP3 - based on LAME ("Lame Ain't an Mp3 Encoder" is what it stands for.) OGG - Vorbis codec Think of them like the difference between a zip file and a gzip file...or if you don't know what those are: .avi and .mpg Each is good for a different purpose, MP3 if you want small file size, MPC if you want great quality with low bitrate, AAC is often found with video, APE is a lossless (correct?) codec, so you won't lose any quality. And OGG, my favorite, is a high quality replacement for MP3 favored among UNIX and OpenSource junkies. In any rate, they are all just different formats for compressing audio, and the plugins allow you to take an existing file of this format and burn it to a CD, or copy and CD and have NERO compress it to one of them. if you like this kind of stuff, i suggest you read up on it at someplace like or -regards brian

918.3.2003 1:26

APE (Monkey's Audio) is a freeware lossless codec and implements CRC checks to verify that the track can be decoded to its exact original. APE typically compresses CD music down to 50%-60% its original size and likely has the best compression of the lossless codecs available.

This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 18 Mar 2003 @ 1:29

1018.3.2003 23:24

UPDATE: FLAC-plugin added.

The old school is back. All hail the new !

1123.4.2003 9:03

You can add .ram (Real Player) plug-in?

125.5.2003 2:09

hi all, im new to this so bare with me! i've downloaded an album in mpc. format but want to burn it to disk using nero. Do i need to set anything up in nero? please advise

137.5.2003 15:27

Hi! I have Nero with this ogg-plugin. Tried to save Audio disk with my ogg-music (ogg to wav). During drag-drop the Nero says: "Nero can`t read this file". What`s the problem? Does this plugin support only wav to ogg operations?

1411.5.2003 20:47

I would like to know why you can't find a mpc plug-in in that page and where to find it! Brgds

1511.5.2003 23:37

Whoops - there it is! It was offline temporarily as it needed some fixing.

The old school is back. All hail the new !

1612.5.2003 14:37


1714.5.2003 5:17

Since i'm about dumb when it comes to programming, how do you install the ape plug-in for nero?? and is there a FAQ or something on how to use it?? Thanks for any reply's

1825.10.2003 7:24

Hello, I have mpc files and mpc plugin for nero but I can't burn them. Nero cannot recognize. Can you help me!!!!!!!

1922.12.2003 8:35

Just a newbe, with a newbe question. I know that these plugins are important...but, how do you install them?

2025.5.2004 7:41

The Link goes to the page fine, but any one of the plug-ins i try to download, it says that im not logged in! i log in every time but i says im leeching! Is there any where else i can get the Ogg Nero plugin? Cheers

213.6.2004 16:46

Mausau, Thank you so much for your plugins to Nero. No problems getting them to work. But I do have a question. On the Ogg Vorbis plug-in, the settings default to 50. I changed them a couple of times to 69 and they came out the same size as 50. Now I would like them smaller. Mine come out to be about 1/2 the size of the .ape formatted .wav. Plus about twice the size of a high (not highest), formatted VBR MP3. What setting is recommended for the Vorbis add-in ? How is it related to quality. I find the Vorbis much better than MP3. Thanks, Jon

229.7.2004 16:46

@charmoan you are most likely using a firewall, just disable it before clicking the link and then you'll be okay

239.7.2004 17:29

Thank you so much Mr. administrator. I used to have the OOG Vorbis working, but since getting the last two version of Nero, Nero does not find it any more. I am sorry for my stupidity, but after I download the "OGG Ogg Vorbis View Dec 13 2003 View Ogg Vorbis Win32 SDK 1.0.1", I explode the file and load the .dlls for Vorbis as you state with the prefix nx, I do not see a choice for Ogg Vorbis after I select, Extra, Encode in the Nero Burning Rom. I have done this over and over and it still does not see it. Do you have any suggestions ? Thanks so much. Jon "For Nero version 6, unzip the plugin DLL into "\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\AudioPlugins" directory. The first two letters of the plugin DLL name must be "nx" in lower case, otherwise it won't be recognized by Nero Burning ROM. " But when I go to Nero,

2424.8.2004 10:14

I cannot get the plugin I keep getting the no leech page even when logged in. I've even turned off my firewall. Jeeeez, I tried going through links but keep getting the no leech page. Kinda circular. Extremely frustrating. Real shame..

2525.8.2004 20:35

Me too!!!! I keep getting the no leech page also and can't get past it even if I have registered. Please help... I need these codecs for my Nero... Thanxxx

269.9.2004 9:59

I tried this link from within When I try to download a plug-in I get the "leecher" link/message. What's up?

272.10.2004 7:09

I too get this error There is no way I'm turning off my firewall or adjusting security settings. You guys need to resolve the issue on your end. sdz

2827.11.2004 1:48

I also get tho noleech-eror When i deaktivate my firewall it works suddenly. But i think that afterdawn should change its download-policy.

2930.11.2004 8:22

Shewsh! I'm baffled. I downloaded the OGG Vorbis SDK and unzipped it. Seems to contain a programming package. I did find a folder with .dll files. I renamed them nx*.* and put them in the Nero audio plugins folder. I opened Nero, chose the Audio CD from the wizard, then NEW, and loaded the 16 OGG files. I got this message: "Cannot add file ...*.ogg Reason: the selected WMA file(s)are protected and cannot be processed." Any insight? If I blew the installation could someone give me a blow-by-blow install sequence? Much Appreciated!

306.12.2004 11:35

i also get the "noleech" message. too bad, i don't want to turn my firewall off !!!

3121.12.2004 11:14

I did it and it works! First you must enable Antivirus and than "Extract to": C:\Program Files\Ahead\Shared\AudioPlugins in case of Nero 5 or C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\AudioPlugins with Nero 6 Then you can just check if it works in: File/Preferences/Plugins. Good luck!

3214.1.2005 14:35

Hi, Great package - much better than using the Nero plugins! I notice the current version of LAME is 3.96.1 but the version with these plugins is 3.93.1. Is there any advantage to using the newer version and if so, can I just overwrite the files with the ones from the lame package?

3325.2.2005 9:33

i toured app. six-seven times between and even after i've registered. and everytime i ended up here, and still you want me to toy with my firewall settings and all. i've never had problems with downloading anything before, so there's nothing to show me you're a bunch of schemers. sorry.

3425.2.2005 9:50

i meant nothing more than a bunch of schemers... no way i'm deactivating my firewall.

3526.3.2005 19:30

I've tried a bunch of times downloading the flac plugin for Nero from here. I too have had 0 luck in getting it. Is there another website that I can get this from, since it's never going to happen here?

3617.4.2005 19:18

has anyone had anyluck finding the plugin for Nero. i haven't been able to get it from the board either. it keeps on redirecting me to the "you must register page" even though i am registered. i am trying to burn .ogg file to make an audio cd. -d

3718.4.2005 9:19

I just downloaded the plugin from the site mentioned in the link... no problems.

3830.7.2005 23:15

Wow! The original thread goes back a long way (May 5th, 2003). I hope someone still finds this post helpful... Just like ripsteen, I too downloaded an album encoded in the .MPC format. And just like ripsteen, I too wanted to re-encode it and burn it to CD using Nero. After looking through the net for a MusePack plugin for my Nero application, I came across this FREE download of Nero Mega Plugin Pack v1.0 at Let me tell you folks, this plugin pack is absolutely awesome! It contains the MusePack (.mpc) decoder/encoder plugin as well as several other great codecs. (By the way, did a mention it was a FREE download.) Once the file has been downloaded, the installation is as simple as double-clicking on the installer package and choosing the installation directory. By default, the installation package will install to the C:Program FilesAheadNero directory--where the older versions of Nero used to store the audio plugins--but my Nero v6.6.0.14 keeps all its audio plugins stored in the C:Program FilesCommon FilesAheadAudioPlugins directory. My version of Nero automatically detected the codecsplugins regardless into which directory I installed the codecs--I tried both approches. Anyway...I hope this information helps. PEACE!

392.8.2005 4:52

Thanks Lord Dark, much appreciated.

407.10.2005 22:40

NeroPlugins have a new official home:

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