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New CD-RW.ORG article: Backing up a protected CD - an Alcohol 120% guide

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 05 Apr 2003 9:33 User comments (5)

New CD-RW.ORG article: Backing up a protected CD - an Alcohol 120% guide We have released another CD backup guide, this time utilizing the Alcohol 120% software. Be sure to check it out, if you have trouble backing up discs or dealing with CD image files (BIN/CUE, etc).
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Alcohol 120% is a very powerful backup tool, with a simple wizard based user interface, that allows the user to select the proper settings for various types of protected CDs easily. The software includes also the possibility to 'mount' images as virtual drives, to allow, for instance, direct install from images or protection scanning. More, Alcohol has some 'emulation' capabilities, similar to Daemon Tools, to allow running of 'non-perfect' backups (emulation of copy protections).

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5 user comments

15.4.2003 16:11

This presumes, of course, that one can locally find a copy-protected disc in the first place. In Europe I understand they're 'all over the place', but it has only been in recent announcements that they may/will be coming to the USA/Canada. Since I live in Canada, I have no immediate access to these 'crippled' pieces of draconian software. Also, based on the number of cocka-mamie copy-protection methods the recording companies have already come up with, and in particular, the number of even more cocka-mamie schemes they will presumably come out with in the future, it will be a constant battle for Alcohol 120% to keep up. (Not necessarily that they shouldn't try), but consumer-wise, it's going to be a goddamned exasperating tail-chaser if 'copy-protection' ever takes off in a big way here in North America. Is it gonna be worth it? -- My usual .02c 's-worth -- -- Mike --

25.4.2003 22:29

Here in Finland the situation isnīt that bad, at least not yet. I really couldnīt care less if the newest Jennifer Lopez album has copy-protection, but I fear itīs going to get worse.

35.4.2003 23:22

The article is about backing up data CD protections, not audio.

The old school is back. All hail the new !

46.4.2003 0:56

(Oops.... right you are). No mention made in the article either way. (??) But come to think of it, could not these methods be adapted for audio cds as well?? - Klingy -

58.4.2003 15:27

I've just browsed the guide and yes, it seems very forward with the use of the program. However, the securom 4.8.x and safedisc 2.8.x will not work on all players. Also, securom 4.8.x needs bwa files for allocation of correct write. I've used clonecd and blindwrite. Alcohol is my last option.

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