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Sony to release free music downloads by top of the line artists

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 08 Apr 2003 1:57 User comments (1)

It seems that there is a slight shift in the attitudes of record labes towards music distribution on the Internet. They have been fighting hard against the music sharing on the Internet, but perhaps they are now realising that resistance is futile. Therefore the industry has been starting to fill the hunger for downloadable music with various online offers - even free give aways.
Recently we've seen Madonna selling her latest single as a downloadable file on her website, and now major music labels are organizing a "Digital Download Day".

Recording label holdout Sony Music Entertainment has quietly joined rivals in agreeing to release selected songs by top artists such as Michael Jackson and Shakira for a European Internet download promotion beginning Wednesday.

Sony Music will participate in "Digital Download Day," an online music giveaway orchestrated by the major music labels, said Britain's OD2, one of the organizers. Sony’s music division is the last of the five major labels to work with OD2, a private technology firm co-founded by recording artist Peter Gabriel. It will make available songs from 14 artists spanning 50 albums, OD2 said.

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19.4.2003 00:02

Did you all register? (I did). I live in Canada. They'll probably ignore me. It's all so cryptic. (It's also April the 9th), supposed "Download Day". You give your email address, cross your fingers, and pray it's not the same ol' s--- we've been hearing for ages. (They haven't responded to my email address). -- Me Again --

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