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The CEO of (Vorbis, Tarkin, etc.) gets the boot

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 15 Apr 2003 22:49 User comments (1)

According to Emmett Plant's personal weblog, he has been voted out of the foundation by the board. He personally describes the issue on his personal weblog as personality conflicts.
Effective really-soon-now, I'll be stepping down as the CEO of the Foundation. It's not a decision I chose to make; It was made for me. The board of directors at Xiph have cited a 'personality conflict,' and I'm being pushed out. I've known for about a week now, and it's still sinking in.

Besides personality conflicts, the has had trouble delivering the results as well. Their first product was the free audio codec OGG Vorbis, which has been at the version 1.0 for quite some time. After the first stable release there hasn't been any developement, at least not public versions, and the the codec v1.0 is still far from optimized and outperformed by competitors especially at high bitrates. also has on going video codec projects, but there are no significant developements released.

The idea of open and free A/V codecs is of course wondeful - who wouldn't love the concept. has been able to raise quite a bit of media attention towards their projects, but so far it has been more hype than results.

Emmett Plant's weblog (no official statement online yet)

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117.4.2003 15:37

Original news by Xiph Technical Director Christopher "Monty" Montgomery confirms this is now official: Press release expected soon.

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