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Easy CDDA Extractor 5.10 adds a secured ripping mode

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 28 Apr 2003 3:22 User comments (1)

The very popular shareware audio ripper and file convertor joins the small pack of audio ripping programs that offer some kind of secured or verified ripping mode. Exact Audio Copy has been the pioneer in this field and some time ago CDEx incorporated the CDDA Paranoia ripping routines.
One can enable the secured reading in: Options->Settings->CD-reader->Read mode.

We did a quick test of this feature, using a badly scratched original audio CD. The disc was ripped twice and the resulted WAV files were compared bit-by-bit. Unfortunately the files were not identical, and using EAC's "Compare WAV" feature we found a lot of differences in several tracks.

We also listened through the ripped album and audibly it seemed to sound ok. There was limited time for the listening though, so further testing is needed.

Download the latest East CDDA from here and give it a whirl. You can submit you results & experiences to our audio forum.

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1 user comment

128.4.2003 23:21

Trouble is, EAC works just famously the way it is right now, and it's free. ('cardware'). That, coupled with Chris Myden's well-thought-out LAME profile... ...makes wonderful vbr .mp3 files that play back superbly on my newest hi-tech gizmo, which I just acquired the other day... ...which begs the question, what more could a Klingon ask for?? -- Mike --

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