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8x-speed DVD recordables are coming your way

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 20 May 2003 12:31 User comments (6)

Information on upcoming higher speed DVD recordables has been published, by a lesser known brands.
BenQ announced their new DW400A 4x burner and promises a 8x driver on Q3 of 2003
BenQ announces that in the second half of May, it will launch the world's fastest DVD+RW drive-the BenQ DW400A. The DW400A offers 4x write and 4x re-write speeds, handily surpassing the DVD burner products of its global competitors. Utilizing key components from Philips BenQ Digital Storage (PBDS) and through the efforts of BenQ's elite R&D team, the company makes the optimal use of the most advanced DVD burning technology in the DW400A.
A BenQ spokesperson reveals that the company will launch an even higher-performance 8x-speed model in the third quarter, which promises to sustain vigorous sales through the second half of the year.
BenQ press release

And Sanyo is working on a 8x DVD recordable chip and according to the source the first brand to utilize the chip might be Optorite
Sanyo Japan is currently developing the first chipset allowing DVD recording at 8x.
AccessTEK, the upcoming force in the Taiwanese market, is possibly the first manufacturer to use the new chipset in its new DVD recorder. The company will ship the drive under the Optorite brand name, as it currently does for its products, and it is expected to hit the market by September this year.

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6 user comments

121.5.2003 6:02

Does this really matter, media is too expensive right now.

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221.5.2003 16:46

I'm happy enough burning at X2. Pioneer DVR 104 [f/w 1.31]& Ritek G03 : )

322.5.2003 13:49

if these become popular enough I predict major price drops on all 2x 4x media.


423.5.2003 4:37

Woohoo, cheaper 8x. I hate to imagine the price of an 8x disc, even at yesbuy.

523.5.2003 4:59

How many movies, dvds do ya need to mean back up per week? 4X is good enough for me, although I am all for progress... Mebbe 8x media would drive down prices for the rest?

624.5.2003 5:56

You can buy 2.5x dvd+r discs at Sam's Club for about $1.50 each, the price is already coming down.

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