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Verizon forced to hand out subscriber details to RIAA

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 05 Jun 2003 15:19 User comments (22)

Verizon lost its case (or at least the major part of it)against RIAA couple of days ago when appeals court decided that it wont intervene to district court's ruling that Verizon has to hand out the names and personal details of its subscribers, that RIAA accuses of piracy, immediately to RIAA.
Despite the fact that now Verizon must give the names immediately, the case is still heading to appeals court's hearing in September. Obviously this wont do any good to the subscribers in question when their details have to be in RIAA's hands well before that deadline and RIAA can launch a legal action against these individuals meanwhile. Obviously Verizon's intention is to take the case as high as possible in the court system to prevent this happening again.

The whole case began when RIAA demanded, based on the controversial DMCA law, Verizon to hand out names and other personal details of four of its Internet customers to RIAA. RIAA claims that these people have distributed illegal music files over the P2P networks. Verizon agrees that it might have been the case, but Verizon's point is that RIAA should get the court order for each case before Verizon has to act, since otherwise -- Verizon and many other ISPs say -- RIAA gets a personal detail automaton that requires RIAA only to accuse someone of doing something illegal and wont have to prove it in any way.


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22 user comments

15.6.2003 16:02

SHE'S A WITCH!!! BURN HER!!! The above quote is where this lawsuit is heading. Eventually no one's personal information will be safe. If the trend catches on, then the average Joe can set-up an "anti-piracy agency", accuse someone of pirating, and gain their personal information such as email address, phone number, mailing address, and ss#. A great way to spam the heck out of everyone in every way imaginable. Not to mention get rich quick. I hope this court case takes a turn in Verizon's favor soon before we are all doomed!

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25.6.2003 17:20

Indeed, seems like nobody has the right to privacy anymore!! What the RIAA are doing is just kick starting the end of privacy. Bunch of evil bas.....!!!!!

35.6.2003 18:49

What people need to do is use Earth Station 5. Get it at This p2p system uses a UDP protocol alonside of SSL proxy stealthing technology. In fact FREE proxy servers are posted with HIGH anonymous capability. This is what we've been waiting for. And the RIAA and NPAA will be screwed because they cannot get your IP address. Therefore you won't have to worry. I got the latest DVD screener from that p2p app. So in the first few days of the final release you get tons of files. Imagine what will happen when everyone uses this app and Kazaa has all of its users going to ES5. Again stop worring and just Download the app. Who cares if the theme is a little cheesey with the sci-fi stuff. It has buttons you can easily understand. It works great for Windows XP. And like I said you are safe and sound. Voodoohippi (Defender of FREE cyberspace)

45.6.2003 18:52

Or you could just get peerguardian, keep it up to date and continue to use your favourite p2p apps knowing the peerguardian is blocking the enemys of p2p!

56.6.2003 2:36

Yes, I think Peer Guardian is a good idea but I am doubtful of its capabilities as a defunct firewall. Using proxies and p2p progs like es5 sound it bit better too me.

66.6.2003 2:37

resistance is futile........hahahahaha

76.6.2003 3:24

Im glad I live in Finland, USA is looking less atractive day by day.

86.6.2003 6:41

agentbad, peerguardian has been proven to work!! so before we all leave our great p2p apps we'll have to see peer guardian go down!

96.6.2003 6:43

the riaa will continue to push forward to keep us from making them lower the prices on cd or dvd, spead the word from town to town not to buy the cds or dvds untill they back down and lower the price . the worst of this is they will continue to do biz as usall but we may be able to slow them down and file legal proceeding for spying or subverting software protection like firewalls see we need to pit two or three big companys to stand up like cisco or other rotor manifactor, if they fight then maybe they will figure out that the riaa will put them out of bizness. then if they lower the cost of cd/dvds then less will be copied.....

106.6.2003 12:56

I'm glad I don't have Verizon Internet Access. In fact I download all my music, videos, and software from campus computing labs. the RIAA and MPAA cab't touch me!

116.6.2003 13:00

I'm glad I don't have Verizon Internet Access. In fact I download all my music, videos, and software from campus computing labs. The RIAA and MPAA can't touch me! But even If I did, I'm not stupid enough, to download 600 songs a day.

126.6.2003 13:28

Oh dear. Does that mean, like, since I downloaded Streambox VCR from here quite some time ago, that AfterDawn will be forced to 'turn me in' to the authorities? (Oh poo......) I should have fibbed about my particulars when I first joined up. I'm from out of the country (no, really!), and my address is 123 Main Street, Zip = 123ABC, Lower Mongolia, and my phone number is (123)456-0000. Please don't turn me over to the hounds, ok? (Much obliged). -- Ralph Horphenheinsman --

137.6.2003 22:08

Yesn Peer Guardian may work and the like but I tell you this that Earth Station 5 is the new p2p app that will hold its own weight. It already has alot of content you can't even find on Kazaa. Be sure to go to the HELP page and check the proxies and use the latest anonymous SSL suportive ones. This keeps you so safe that it is not funny. And besides if everyone feels safer on the p2p net more people will use it. It makes good sense.

148.6.2003 8:26

My question is what kind of example are RIAA going to make out of these poor schmucks who are being exposed to the Evil Music Industry, will they try to repeat the same stunt on the average Joe or are they just really hoping to scare enough people to make a difference in their dipping sales due to bad artist and worthless songs.

159.6.2003 10:10

who cares. P2P sucks anyway.

169.6.2003 13:21

Sure does! It sucks up music .mp3s, software programs, video, pictures and more !

179.6.2003 21:47

Hey has anyone used this ES5, I am not impressed with its functionality! They need to rework their control buttons & more ....

1810.6.2003 23:13

I've used ES5. Wait till you go to the forums and become a member. You can stream lots of stuff too. This is nice cuz you can save space on your HD. I still DL but I stream it first to see if it is worth the hastle in the first place. The gui is cheesey like I said but who cares. This app works and it will bring tons of stuff your way. Voodoohippi (Defender of cyberspace)

1911.6.2003 4:00

hey vudoo, excuse my ignorance but what exactly do you mean when you say "I stream it first t see if it is worth the hastle". ES5 offers a lot but it isn't necessarilly to a novice.

2012.6.2003 20:38

If you are a person who participates in the forums on EST and have a SUPER HIGH SPEED connection and Windows Media player9 you can stream in REAL time a movie. Yes that is right just like you stream music videos on You M U S T!!! Have the es5 app on your system to stream the movies and a 750K connection to stream. There are Direct Downloads to the flicks as well. So like I said no other net can offer this for FREE. So try it and I know you'll like it. You won't wanna use Kazaa-Lite ever again. I would only use it if you can't find what your looking for on Earth Station 5. Voodoohippie (Defender of FREE cyberspace)

211.8.2003 21:50

I live in the motor city. My IP {comcast} stated that if ask that they would help in giving out my personal info. Makes me wonder why should i pay them a dime!

222.8.2003 19:13

They said that because by law they have to. However SBC has stood up against the RIAA and they will not give out info on customers. They are fighting back and they claim that the RIAA is not going through the correct channels before they just claim copyright infringement. Any one can fake that they are from a software company and get whatever they want. It is important that the ISP's fight against this terrible threat. Besides of all their customers drop the service because all they used it for was Downloading then you can better bet that they may cancel and move to just using a dial up and using the internet just for the casual surfing. Heck you probably can use Yahoo Chat while you are a dial up user. Voodoohippie

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