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Public AAC audio quality listening test

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 07 Jun 2003 9:58 User comments (1)

Public AAC audio quality listening test Our buddies at RareWares are running a public AAC audio listening test:
In the last few months/weeks, AAC has been receiving some media coverage thanks to the efforts of companies like Apple and AOL to push the format forward. Since there are several available AAC encoders, both free and commercial ones, interest for a comparision was raised by concerned users. Then this test was created.
It's purpose is to find what encoder performs best encoding AAC at 128kbps.

The encoders and parameters tested are:
  • Psytel AACenc 2.15 -br 128
  • Ahead/Nero 128kbps CBR, high quality
  • Sorenson Squeeze 3.5 (FhG Pro) 128kbps
  • Apple QuickTime 6.3 (Dolby) 128kbps high quality
  • FAAC 1.17b -a 64 (64kbps/channel)
  • Participate at RareWares

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    111.6.2003 13:30

    Simple instructions for Windows users: 1. Create a test folder, for example /aactest 2. Download abc/hr blind rating tool from: and extract it to the /aactest folder If you are unfamiliar with abc/hr (although it's very easy to use), check this site first: 3. Download the sample-packages you want to test (see the official test page) 4. Extract the sample-package(s) to the /aactest directory 5. Go to the /aactest/Bin directory and double click the .bat file of the sample-set you want to test (for example sample01.bat). Everything is decoded and prepared automatically. 6. Run the ABC/HR software and load the first configxx.txt file from the /aactest folder. Do the listening testing and rating with the abc/hr software, save the results, and send them to "rjamorim at yahoo dot com"

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