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Apple iTunes hits 3.5M songs sold - now selling 0.5M a week

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 09 Jun 2003 12:54 User comments (1)

The BBC has published some impressive Apple iTunes figures, which they claim to be leaked information from a closed doors Apple meeting.
Based on these figures the success of iTunes is a blast. 3.500.000 songs sold since the launch and now they are scoring 500.000 sales per week.

The iTunes e-store features more than 200.000 songs from various artists, including many front line names. The recording industry was worried that online track-by-track sales would reduce the sales because now the customers dont have to buy the entire CD. This makes one wonder why most CDs have 2-4 good songs and while the rest are just BS? Even so, according to the source 45% of the sold tracks are still actually sold as a part of a full album.

No wonder that all the sudden there is all this hype around the online music business, but why on earth it took so long to get this this point while the technology and the demand (Napster, remember?) has been there for years?


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117.6.2003 16:19

And they said that p2pers are thieves. Well I don't think so. We just want a means to which aw can Download the music we want without paying a heavy price for it. I can see FREE services in the future where artists are paid via the revinue generated by the ads. Kazaa is now in bed with the RIAA and it won't be long till the RIAA secretly has some sort of share of the p2p networks. They have to change the way they look at the Internet. Voodoohippie (Defender of FREE cyberspace)

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