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New 321 Studios products and offers

Written by Jari Ketola @ 11 Aug 2003 12:44 User comments (7)

New 321 Studios products and offers The makers of DVD X Copy product line have released new tools for CD/DVD data recovery. DVD X Rescue and CD X Rescue are solely for recovering damaged data discs back to use.
The 321 Studios are also very smart in polishing their public image. They are now offering this new software free for schools, hospitals, religious and other non-profit organizations. A very smart move from a company that is struggling with legal issues.

They are also introducing a great bundle deal, as DVD X Copy GOLD buyers can now purchase a DVD+R recorder for just $99!

Check the new products and offers from 321 Studios website

321 Studios, the leader in DVD back-up software, announced today the launch of a nationwide initiative named Project X Rescue. Under this initiative, 321 will donate DVD X Rescue or CD X Rescue, a revolutionary technology which enables the recovery and restoration of data from unreadable, scratched, corrupt or defective media, to libraries, schools, universities, hospitals, religious and other non-profit organizations.

The DVD X Rescue and CD X Rescue products were developed in response to consumers’ frustration with imperfect media sources, specifically the fragility of CDs and DVDs. Consumers publicly logged complaints about a CD or DVD that skips, a photo disc with treasured photos that could no longer be accessed, their garage band’s live recordings that skip and other personal and business technology dilemmas. 321 Studios developed these new products to enable consumers and businesses alike to create a brand new and problem-free copy of a DVD or CD from a damaged original.

Recognizing that libraries, schools, hospitals and non-profit organizations were most vulnerable because of their reliance on DVDs and CDs that are used to back-up data, donor files, educational materials, school records and other business critical information, 321 determined their need for products such as DVD X Rescue and CD X Rescue was dramatic.

"Damage to the digital information these organizations own and store can hinder its operations, impact its ability to provide depended-upon community services and deprive citizens of access to educational resources such as books on CDs," said Robert Moore, president of 321 Studios. "For some organizations, the back-up information stored on the DVDs and CDs is irreplaceable. For others, the cost of purchasing replacement products would be overwhelming to their already taxed budgets. 321 Studios is committed to ensuring that these community pillars are able to protect their digital assets one school, one library, one church at a time and that is why we are providing these organizations DVD X Rescue and CD X Rescue free of charge."

In conjunction with the free online offer available immediately, 321 Studios will embark on a national tour in the fall to hand deliver DVD X Rescue and CD X Rescue to worthy organizations. The company expects to host events in New York City, Washington DC, St. Louis, San Francisco and Dallas.

Utilizing a DVD or CD burner, DVD X Rescue and CD X Rescue create brand new, perfectly playable DVDs or CDs from the damaged original.

Non-profit organizations, , libraries, schools, universities, hospitals, and religious organizations can request their complimentary DVD X Rescue or CD X Rescue by visiting and completing the required forms.

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7 user comments

111.8.2003 17:17

Ah 321 studios, the company just full of surprises ;-)

211.8.2003 20:26

where did they steal this one off of??


311.8.2003 20:51

!!WELL I am wondering if this product will repair all my old dvds,cds etc jeje, hope so!!,,and hoping also that it was test well for the technical dep..of 321 studios arias up dates every week company.;)

416.8.2003 0:46

does any1 have the new 3.0.2version update of dvd copy xpress that actually lets u copy the entire dvd. 3.0.1 made the dvds invalid for me.

ted johnson

516.8.2003 1:02


616.8.2003 13:35

I don't know why people pay 90.00 for dvd x copy, when dvdshrink v 3.0 copies the entire dvd with menus and is absolutely free.

718.8.2003 9:34

At last! A version that works for me!

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