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Symantec: Attacks via IM and P2P have quadrupled since January

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 02 Oct 2003 11:08 User comments (9)

In the security corporation’s bi-annual Internet Threat Report, they claim that the number of Internet attacks exploiting Peer-To-Peer (Kazaa, Direct Connect, etc.) or Instant Messaging (ICQ, MSN Messenger, etc.) are increasing rapidly. This has been expectable for quite some time, but no serious P2P or IM worm has yet surfaced.
Also the report points criticizes several Microsoft products for vulnerabilities. At least Internet Explorer and the IIS are mentioned.

Security firm Symantec, which published its bi-annual Internet Threat Report on Wednesday, has found that the number of attacks over instant messaging and P2P systems quadrupled between January and June 2003.
The report criticised Microsoft's Internet Explorer, calling it a "serious danger" because of security lapses. Several vulnerabilities allow attackers to compromise client systems through Web pages containing embedded malicious code, while others can enable easy and almost undetectable installation of spyware, which could allow attackers to extract confidential data, the report said.
Microsoft IIS Web server was also picked out because it has been vulnerable to previous attacks such as Code Red and Nimda. Symantec expects the Web server to be targeted again by a "highly destructive malicious-code attack".

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9 user comments

12.10.2003 11:31

This I donīt get. Microsoft is a pretty powerfull software corporation, and the efforts that go in to making Internet Explorer canīt be equal to zero. So why is it that itīs so full of holes compared to alternativeīs such as Mozilla and Opera? And why does it take MS so long to release security fixes when other browser-companies can have patches out in matter of days (again, referring to Opera software here)? What are they up to?

22.10.2003 18:24

i dont think that anybody really cares. and microsoft can do anything they want, i think that they like the way their system works. i really dont give a shit about kazaa or direct connect. msn messenfer and microsoft and all of that can take care of themselves.

Broken Signal

32.10.2003 22:26

Let's put it here: If you are still using IE and Outlook Express combo, them dump them! Get the Mozilla Firebird browser: And the Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail: Using this software suite you basically eliminate the risks of email viruses, browser attaching spyware and other MS software targeted exploits. Highly recommended.

The old school is back. All hail the new !

43.10.2003 0:59

Iīve used Opera since version 6.0x, and itīs only gotten better. Very recomended peice of software.

53.10.2003 4:45

Did anyone notice that they are saying virus's will be going and have targeted the p2ps the kazza worm that was released as Metalic black from germany while the band was on tour there ..... and no-one went after them because it was a download on a p2p... beware p2ps will be the next target... as for microsoft its all about the trip little Billy Gates had to china when he said he was very impressed with the computers that were being used there , but he'd wish they had "paid" for the software that they are running.... thats part of the reason for all the security o the XP vers. he's making it so you can or have to register and thats a way to track you along with the processor idenification thats broadcasted when you use your system...(because most users dont know enough to turn it off in their bio's....

63.10.2003 5:18

Viruses and worms - I shit 'em.. Long live p2p's.... - I produce various styles of electronic music.

75.10.2003 10:00

I think MSN messenger and Internet Explorer is great. I mean, if you do a search on google for warez, you will get a ton of these websites just containing the words, warez, hackzzzz, musick, etc. If you're actually stupid enough to go on those websites, then you shouldn't be searching for warez.

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Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

85.10.2003 10:14

If you're actually stupid enough to go on those websites, then you shouldn't be searching for warez.
Well I guess everyone canīt be the l337 haXoR that you are.

95.10.2003 19:27

Ghostdog: well said! :-) This world has just too damn many l33ters lol.

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