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Sony PSX combines PS2, DVD recorder, PVR and satellite tuner

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 08 Oct 2003 11:45 User comments (2)

Sony PSX combines PS2, DVD recorder, PVR and satellite tuner Sony has launched its first consumer electronics device in Japan that seriously tries to squeeze everything out from the fact that Sony's PS2 console is the world's most popular gaming device at the moment.
New device, dubbed as PSX, comes with a price tag of appx. $700 and will bundle within one device a PS2 unit, DVD recorder, satellite TV tuner and a HDD-based TV recorder (genre of HDD-based "VCR" devices is normally known as PVR). PSX comes in two varieties, only difference between two models is the size of the harddrive and obviously the price; cheaper option at appx. $720 has 160GB of HDD and the $880 unit has 250GB.

PSX has broadband connectivity, games (as well as the PVR options) can use the included harddrive, device has USB1.1 port, remote control and virtually all the goodies that regular PS2 users need to purchase separately to their units if they want to.

Recording to a DVD-R or DVD-RW is possible from unit's HDD and PSX also supports analog audio and video inputs, including s-video, which allows easy transfers from analog sources to DVD-R. Unfortunately device is only available in Japan and at least so far doesn't support digital TV or digital a/v sources.

More information: IGN

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2 user comments

19.10.2003 13:11

well this is intresting i would like to see how far this will go since the ps2 lasers burn out when you play dvds in them. i hope they fixed that little problem before they decided to put all of that crap in there. lol...

Broken Signal

29.10.2003 22:32

They probably tossed in the old v.1-3 lasers that are now refurbed. Oh and the dvd burner... it's just a tiny magnifying held under the refurbed laser...

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