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Gateway introduces a low cost Digital Video Recorder

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 11 Nov 2003 9:36 User comments (15)

So far the DVR market has been dominated by Philips and Panasonic. While the prices of their product has decreased slowly, they are still considered rather expensive. There is an increasing demand for the high quality video recording, due to the digital television broadcasting’s raising popularity. So welcome Gateway’s new model, priced only at $349.
The AR-230 DVD Recorder replaces the VCR, allowing customers to record TV programs, store movies and playback digital video and other multimedia content. It can record up to six hours of video on a 4.7GB disc. Offering superior quality and longevity over VHS tape, DVD discs maintain recordings up to 100 years versus the three to five years of the average VHS tape. DVD discs also take up significantly less space than bulky VHS cassettes. The Gateway DVD Recorder supports both DVD+RW and DVD+R discs in which Gateway will offer as additional items with the DVD Recorder.
Using the Gateway AR-230 DVD Recorder, consumers can record favorite TV shows, movies and sports events onto a single DVD with the touch of a button, unlike the multiple steps required to program a VCR. Also, RCA input enables consumers to transfer taped copies of home videos from a VCR onto non-degradable DVD discs.

The DVD Recorder records using DVD+RW or DVD+R Media and can play a wide array of media such as DVD-ROM, DVD+R/+RW, CD-R/RW and CD-ROM. It's compatible with DVD-Video, DVD+VR, Super VCD, Video CD, Audio CD, MP3 CD and JPEG CD. It also has a full range of inputs and outputs including IEEE 1394 for recording home movies directly from a digital camcorder as well as S-video, component, digital audio and progressive scan.
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15 user comments

111.11.2003 14:48

Sounds neat...I'm in the process of buying a Dell PC running Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition, so I don't need one though.

Comp 1: Dell Inspiron P4 2.4Ghz / 512 MB RAM with 24x CD-RW and Firewire In, SVideo Out running XP Pro
Comp 2: Dell Dimension P3 550Mhz / 384MB RAM with old 2x CD-RW running XP Home.

212.11.2003 4:55

the big question that should be asked/answered is...Does this deivice support HDCP (the Broadcast flag)and if it doesn't what is the consumers upgrade path? And how does this affect the usability of the device 'Down the road'???


Intel 440BX MB, Dual Intel 1.2Ghz P3's, 2GB RAM
TDK 440N, 390GB ATI AIW 8500DV Win2k Srvr

313.11.2003 15:27

This DVR only has one digital input-firewire for recording directly from a camcorder. It does not record any kind of digital HDTV signal. All copying of TV, Laserdisc, VCR, and DVD has to be done through its S-Video or composite inputs. The HDCP Broadcast flag isn't an issue with this device. This DVR is only a stopgap device until they come up with a true blue high def digital recorder.

415.11.2003 5:57

alxdotnet, Please give a little more detail on how you are using the Dell method rather than using a DVR. I was thinking of the Gateway DVR but have HDTVs and don't think the Gateway makes sense right now.

515.11.2003 6:12

Not sure exactly if the tuner card with XP MCE supports HDTV signal but from what I understand you can buy HDTV cards so that wouldn't be a problem Using a powerful processor and an HDTV tuning card, you can capture MPEG-2 video from a TV stream in real time on your computer. This is the heart of the solution. Note that you could probably capture in DivX MPEG-4 or any other codec you wanted to.

Comp 1: Dell Inspiron P4 2.4Ghz / 512 MB RAM with 24x CD-RW and Firewire In, SVideo Out running XP Pro
Comp 2: Dell Dimension P3 550Mhz / 384MB RAM with old 2x CD-RW running XP Home.

623.11.2003 10:40

I don't think the Gateway DVD receorder has a s-video input. Not good for coping from Tivo.


724.11.2003 6:06

Graziano, I have mentioned above that this recorder does have an S-Video input. Use this with analog rca left and right audio input to record from your Tivo.

830.11.2003 13:00

Run4two, After reading the manual for the Gateway DVDR, I can assure you that there is NOT a S-Video input.

91.12.2003 10:24

Graziano, check out this link and look at the specifications. It is clearly stated that it does have an s-video input on the rear. /DVDPlayers/2520516/2520516sp2.shtml

101.12.2003 10:27

You'll have to type in the link as it didn't save all of it. Or just go to and go to support and look at all the info.

111.12.2003 12:02

Run4two, If you will look at the manual, page 7, at... you will not any see any s-video input. Only s-video output. So much for the specifications.


127.12.2003 10:28

I bought one yesterday. It does have it. Your manual that your looking at is for the DVD Connected player that has 802.1lb. It is not for the DVD Recorder. What is interesting is that the box didn't list the S-video for rear panel inputs. I had the sales rep pull one out that was on the floor and I looked at the back before purchasing. I bought at the Carmel Ranch store in SoCal for 349. $50 will be sent back to me by mail. I also purchased a 5 MP digital camera there for $199 after $50 rebate. I will start copying off my hi8mm camcorder tapes today. I'll let you know how it goes.

138.12.2003 4:06

That's good. It's now back on my shopping list. Thanks


148.12.2003 4:07

PS. Let us know how you like the recorder.


1517.4.2004 11:13

bought the recorder on ebay for 255.00 delivered.....awesome machine....i have it hooked up to a dvd/vhs combo unit (go video DV2140) very simple to hook up, very simple to operate......put in the vhs tape....follow the onscreen prompts and record 6 hours of very reasonable quality vhs to one very happy........

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