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$1M donation from 321 Studios to E.F.F.

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 13 Nov 2003 10:22 User comments (5)

 $1M donation from 321 Studios to E.F.F. Buy DVD X Copy now and get a LiteON DVD+/-R for 20$. Yes, sounds crazy but this tempting bundle by the 321 Studios is for real. And it just gets better: For each bundle sold, 321 Studios will donate $25 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
DVD backup software vendor 321 Studios today announced it will donate as much as $1 million over the next year to online civil liberties organization the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). 321 Studios hopes to support EFF's work in advocating for digital copyright law responsive to consumer needs and to educate its customers about these issues.
The company will donate $25 toward EFF's efforts for each sale of a Lite-On DVD burner and DVD X Copy Platinum software bundle through the 321 Studios website or at the 321 Studios Touch Point Customer Service Center in the St. Louis Galleria Mall.

"We are very pleased that 321 Studios has chosen to recognize the important work of the Electronic Frontier Foundation with a generous financial contribution over the next year," said EFF Executive Director Shari Steele. "321 Studios knows firsthand the importance of advocating for copyright law that preserves the balance among content-creators, innovators, and the public."

"This is a natural partnership that allows our customers to join the fight for digital rights. The EFF is working to protect those rights ­ including that of Americans to protect their home entertainment investment through DVD backup and repair," said Robert Moore, President and Founder of 321 Studios. "As the leader in the DVD backup, repair, and creation software industry, it makes sense for 321 and our customers to put some economic muscle behind that fight."
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5 user comments

113.11.2003 10:34

Now that is cool :-) The EFF have been doing an awful lot of work over the past few years to try to stop the madness that the major evil corperations are imposing on the internet! I'm not exactly a big fan of DVDXCopy or 321Studios (DVDCOPYPLUS was a bunch of freeware + does DVDXCopy use DeCSS also?? dont like when money is made off free stuff is all!) but i will always respect them for this decision. However the EFF alone cant fight against all this crap, they need as much support as they can. And people should realise this inst between the EFF and the RIAA/MPAA/WHATEVER its everyone on the net. Even if you never downloaded one song or movie off the net, they are still doing damage by using their money and power to push stupid laws and using propeganda to gain political support (ever seen geez!!). I think it's time for the net to return to what it should be, free! It doesnt lie in any borders, its worldwide so allowing a few groups control what goes on on the net is insanity. Reminds me a bit of a powerful dictatorship in germany a few decades ago u might remember!! ;-)

213.11.2003 12:32

Even though this campaign may be viewed as self-serving on the part of 321 studios I give this a big thumbs up. The content industry has and continues to trample fair use and privacy rights of consumers and is setting some very dangerous legal precedents as well. Check out the EFF website and consider becoming a member. Our rights WILL be taken away if we do not fight for them.

We mustn't lower ourselves to the level of those we loathe, lest we become loathsome ourselves.

313.11.2003 13:28

exactly! WE!!! its WE need to do something about it, not just the EFF, havent there been any major protests outside Recording Studios or anything since the lawsuits began?? this has to start, or they will finish up without anyone knowing it started fully yet!

417.11.2003 9:51

This is a good sensible solution to the DVD back dilemma. Too bad they did not team up with Sony with the DRU 510A DVD burner. If that were to happen it would certainly bring tones of people to buy the bundle. However maybe this new Light DVD burner or whatever it is called will work great and you’ll be able to copy DVD’s to DVD +r or +RW and –R and –RW discs. And it would certainly gain enough money to help destroy the evils that the entertainment industry has imposed. Voodoohippie

515.2.2004 13:39

I'd take the LiteOn over the Sony anyday. Even though I never use XCopy anymore, I don't regret having bought it. At least my money went to a company willing to stand up and fight. Plus using XCopy led me to this site. Need I say more?

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