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Downsized Sony PSX meets the Japanese market

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 17 Dec 2003 11:09 User comments (3)

Downsized Sony PSX meets the Japanese market Sony Corporation was forced to drop out some of the features that were in the original PSX specs in order to meet the pre-Christmas delivery date in Japan. Features missing include support MP3 , DVD+RW, CD-R playback and the support for certain image file types.
Still Sony PSX is ahead of its competitors and reasonably priced for such a feature rich package. The 250GB hard drive model is sold in Japan for approx €758 and the cheaper 160GB model for €606.

Source: TheRegister

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3 user comments

117.12.2003 21:05

Modders........ Time to get to work

218.12.2003 3:49

right so it does not dvd recorder! Thats crap


36.1.2004 10:31

It is a DVR unit aswell , dunno where you heard it wasn't !;-) These units are being sold in UK now: 160Gb HDD PSX - 679:98 250Gb HDD PSX - 699:98

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