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DVD Jon will not return to court

Written by Jari Ketola @ 05 Jan 2004 7:26 User comments (2)

DVD Jon will not return to court The Economic Crime Unit of the Norwegian police, Økokrim confirmed Monday that it will not appeal the recent ruling in favor of Jon Lech Johansen.
Økokrim, backed by MPAA, has been after Johansen for years, seeking a ruling that would convict him of copyright infringement. According to Økokrim and MPAA DeCSS software, which Johansen helped to develop, made it possible to pirate DVD movies. However they failed twice to convince the Norwegian courts who ruled that Johansen cannot be held responsible for the possible illegal applications of DeCSS.

While the decision to drop the case was not expected, it wasn't all that surprising either. After failing to change the ruling in appeals court, it was highly unlikely that Økokrim would be able to come up with new evidence or arguments against Johansen.


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2 user comments

15.1.2004 11:10

Nice going Jon! You tackled a major issue and beat them up pretty good. Regards to All! Rodgers

26.1.2004 20:47

It shows what happens when some people fight and are not a chicken and fold when big wigs breathe down your neck. Now we need to get our act together here in the states and stand for consummer rights as it should stand that the customer is always right and no matter what happens we have a right to backup our own purchased DVD's and CD's even though there is a threat of piracy. An Ad-Supportive p2p system where the RIAA is compensated via Adware is the only solution. However don't get carried away like Kazaa did. A simple bannar will pay the bills to the artists and actors/actresses when we Download stuff for free. Voodoohippie

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