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EU plans "nuclear weapon of IP laws" -- TAKE ACTION!

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 02 Mar 2004 2:33 User comments (31)

EU plans "nuclear weapon of IP laws" -- TAKE ACTION! European Union is about to vote for a bill entitled "European Union Directive for the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights", which would ultimately create a intellectual property legislation that makes American DMCA look like a schoolboy.
The legislation would allow copyright owners, such as record labels, to raid P2P users' homes if they suspect the user for sharing copyrighted material via P2P networks. It would also allow copyright owners to seize users' assets and get their bank accounts frozen whether they had any financial -- or any other -- gain from file sharing or not.

EFF and various European liberty organizations have launched campaigns against the proposed directive. We urge all of our users, specially European users, to submit your thoughts to your MEPs immediately, before the 8th of March when the directive goes to European Parliament's review.

Use this page to contact EU Parliament members with a pre-written message from EFF

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31 user comments

12.3.2004 15:09

FUCK THEM good thing i live in the states!

22.3.2004 15:12

this is illegal

32.3.2004 15:22

This is the direct result of a population becoming nothng more than sheep and its "leadership" selling out for the highest political contributor. Too bad this law will probably pass in a cake walk..

42.3.2004 15:45

nothing like killing flies with hand gernades

52.3.2004 15:56

well it might seem ingnorant- but what else can we do but say FUCKEM'

62.3.2004 16:57

pcshateme I think you put it PERFECTLY FUCK EM in capitals .....if they call it down We will get everyone HOPEFULLY online in europe to sign up against em .... seeems like they treat us like zombies and we have to do what they say ....eeerrreee NNOO!!! DaOsT's thoughts anyways

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72.3.2004 17:02

thankfully that hasnt happend in the states!

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82.3.2004 17:35

Where's osbomba when we need em?

93.3.2004 03:57

They remind me of Communist Bastards.

103.3.2004 04:32

Any people wonder why leaders are assassinated. It's because people get tired of bending over for them, while they're down on their knees for some special interest group.

113.3.2004 06:14

I am a European living (permanently?) in the US. This legislation - if passed - will only spur further and even more rapid development of various new technologies that will defeat any and all such legislation. It will be very frustrating for today's European P2P community but - in the long run - that community will become increasingly creative. Digital media have never and will never be amenable to traditional copyright protection 'as we know it' by large multimedia corporations.

123.3.2004 07:31

"European users, ... submit your thoughts to your MEPs immediately, before the 8th of March..."!!!! Don't just say "FUCKEM". DO SOMETHING!!!!!! Read the headline of the story!

133.3.2004 07:45

Invading ones privacy, a big no no in the U.S. Prolly will never happen here.

143.3.2004 08:49

And I thought the states had it bad... The legislation might not become a law in its current form but if they cut of some of the most radical stuff the EU big boys might be more than willing to implement this crap. But what can I do? I dont really know who to contact. Can I, being just a kid in the eyes of politicians, really affect their line of thinking?

153.3.2004 10:02

When the stormtroopers kick down your door because your kids ran file sharing, you'll understand why there's a "right to bear arms" in the United States...

163.3.2004 11:23

wize, "Invading ones privacy, a big no no in the U.S. Prolly will never happen here." I'm not going to slag on you too hard, but you need to follow the news a little closer. Ever hear of the Patriot act?

173.3.2004 11:32

MOST PARTS OF THE ACT WERE LATER REPEALED the only parts left in the patriot act still in effect would only worry you IF YOU WERE A TERRORIST- joe shmo will never be bothered by it unless he/she was ACTUALY DOING SOMETHING WRONG

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183.3.2004 11:45

pcshateme, Think what you like, but try to be informed about it. Did you check the link? It's not an old page.

193.3.2004 11:53

you can check for your self large portions of the act were repealed/ changed recently also that bill was signed shortly after 9/11 and the US was in a frezy to catch the bastards regardless (hence why it has been changed because it was a while ago) of rights infringements. Plus inless you are invovled in some sort of illgal activity you have nothing to fear from the patriot act- but practicaly anyone can be plucked up for P2P sharing- so they are not the same

203.3.2004 11:54

I'm not trying to be a dick here, think it's really important that people know about this stuff. This is from a recent e-mail. Note the date. EFFector Vol. 17, No. 4 February 10, 2004 * Action Alert: Help Fight the USA PATRIOT Act! The fight over the privacy-invading USA PATRIOT Act is heating up, and it looks like the White House and Justice Dept. are starting to get nervous. Attorney General Ashcroft recently sent a letter to Congress threatening a presidential veto of the "Security and Freedom Ensured" (SAFE) Act, a PATRIOT-reform bill that isn't even out of committee yet. The SAFE Act would repeal some of the provisions of PATRIOT that are most threatening to our civil liberties while still ensuring that law enforcement has the tools it needs. The PATRIOT reform movement is gaining steam - now is the time to let the administration know that your privacy matters. Ask your Members of Congress today to support the SAFE Act! Make your voice heard with the EFF Action Center: Join EFF today:

213.3.2004 11:58

Not trying to say P2P and terrorism are the same. The RIAA may try and tell you different. ;-) I'm talking about privacy.

223.3.2004 12:42

Sorry to pull this thread somewhat off topic. My real point is, say FUCKEM, but say it to the right people in a constructive way. When the infinger police are at your door IMHO I don't think saying "fuck you" will do a person much good. As the headline says, TAKE ACTION.

233.3.2004 12:44

Ah, that would be "infringer police"... I'll get off my soapbox now.

243.3.2004 13:43

Well like they say, people will be sheep and will use the easiest route to obtain music, games and appz. If you know your stuff there is so many possibilities out there that if they think it will cease all piracy, they (laws)are dreaming in colours, it is a shame that it is happening but we need to move on. Thats my two cents...

254.3.2004 06:08

And here I thought my country of America was screwed up. Seems like the EU has beat us when it comes to the invasion of privacy. I hope you get what you are looking for. Enforcement will be difficult. Best to All! Rodgers

264.3.2004 08:32

"Invasion of Privacy"...Different criteria exist. In Europe Telemarketing is forbidden. Telephone calls to sell you life insurance, credit cards, etc.. are not allowed. Checking your 'credit rating' isn't done...Private corporations cannot gather all that info on you like they do in the US. We'll have to see if this legislation we are all discussing now is really going to make it through...Let's not forget the RIAA is the only organization so far, worldwide, that has sued its customers. Only in the US... Regardless of what happens, the problems are worldwide and 'we the people of this planet' will always find ways..."FUCKEM" isn't one of them and isn't going to scare anybody.

274.3.2004 08:44

Criterea here in America is the Constitution, concerning Privacy. B est to All Rodgers

2811.4.2004 20:18

hi i want to stay unknown. i am from europe but im in canada for a while. i am going back to europe soon. i think that what the gouvornment is doing on p2p shairing is bad. becase if they where to jail every one that had elliga softwair they would be jailing almost the hole population of people with computers. my grandma even had downloded music and she got it her self. to add to that all the kids now are downloading and it will be impossible to jail most of the kids in the world. i think they should just give up and leave it to the companies to deal with it. its our tax dollars or punds or franks going to catch people. pluss the gouvornment is not doing a good job. you can tell by the amount of people downloding. 700,000 people server or more. is there even 700,000 jail cells. i dont want to be paying tax for somthing that they are not doing well. im not complainig but they should just quit. think about it what does the govornment have to do with music. its sonys problem they should use there mony to catch us. and if they do all they can do is soon us. sher coppy right but it isent coppy right we are not coppying and celling most of us we are downloading for our self. if any one can tell me is it still safe to use shareza dc++ or emule. i want to download and i scaird. i dnot know how to mask my is. also can some one tell me if there is a way so that people cant see my ip. if you have anycoments about what i said you can post them but i would like you to e mail me to at plz and thank you.

2911.4.2004 20:47

k-lite+++ (its kazaa reprogramed to not give out your ip, you dont have to share to keep a 1,000 rating that it starts you with, it filters most fake files, and there are no ads or spyware.

3012.4.2004 05:50

Im going crazy with all these deiiferent Kazaa Lite versions. There seems to be at least 3 different apps, each with different versions. This would be a good topic for an AD user to write a guide on :)

3116.4.2004 17:40

i just foud out that in canada it is leagal to download music just not up load. so im in busness untill i got back to europe where is will have to use kazza. i tryed k++ but i can never get a good song. it downloads i play it and about 1/4 way through it makes a funny sound like errrrreeeeeeeekkkkkcccccccceeee. you know what i mean.

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